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It’s an easy-to-play game, just make sure that your ball doesn’t fall off the screen and that’s it, but it does get irritating when the ball just couldn’t seem to hit the last block. Make good use of the Korbats and the Spyders as they can turn the direction/angle of the ball so you can try another angle to hit the block you wanted it to.

I found out what those different colored potions can do to your rod at the bottom

Red Potion : Makes your ball able to shoot through anything (Even the metal blocks)
Black Potion : Shoots a rocket out where you can control it using your arrow keys but only shoot once

Ok, Korbat’s Lab is really quite simple. The object of the game is to destroy all of Dr. Sloth’s ingredients to make Transmogrification Potions, that are in the boxes. With your bat, you try to smash all of Dr. Sloth’s boxes without your ball dropping.

You move the bat (as they call it, it’s the wooden-looking thing at the bottom) with the arrow keys left or right, trying to keep the ball in the air, and hit the boxes (The wooden things.) Each box is worth ten points for each hit, and at the end of the game they divide your score by 3 and give you that many neopoints.

Korbat's Lab screen shotKorbat’s Lab is a fairly easy game. but I have a few tips that will help you last longer.

ALWAYS remember that you are faster than the ball, but NEVER make yourself move from corner to corner to hit a ball, you will lose.

It’s fairly easy to change the balls direction, but fairly hard to change its angle. to change it, slide your paddle under the ball so that it just hits the end closest to the desired side of the screen.

If you think the ball is going to hit a Korbat, IMMEDIATELY get under it. chances are, it will go slightly to the left or right so you will be ready.