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Kiko Petpage Layout

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Kiko Petpage Layout preview

Pretty up your Neopets petpage using our pre-made petpage layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Kiko Petpage Layout

Kiko Match II Tips

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Assign each type of Kiko a name

Assign each type of Kiko a name easy for you to remember. For example, I call them Angry, Sad, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Plaid, Hurt, and Green. If you memorize the order of the first four blocks (for example, start repeating to yourself “angry, red, yellow, green…” over and over, if this was the order) then as you work down the rows uncovering the blocks, you can work on finding four at a time instead of just one. As you match them off, add the next block to your memory set so you always have four you’re looking for at once. Remember them in order so if you found the green one, you’d know it was the fourth block at the top, etc. – Quest

Think of the Kikos by their body colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Peach (or Orange, whichever you prefer, but I don’t use that because it’s not as snappy and short as Peach), Pink, Red, Teal, Yellow. There are two multi-colored Kikos: the one that is sort of white-faced and red-bodied I call “Cute” and the other who is yellowish with a funky plaid-like pattern I call “Ugly.”

The Kikos start out on blue backgrounds. However, as the levels progress, they’re on other shades, too. When you reach that point in the game, start referring to each Kiko as its body color and background color. For example, I call a blue guy on a yellow background “BlueonYellow” as opposed to his friend, the blue guy on the standard blue background, who–after level 4 or so, when the other background colors start to show up–I call “BlueonBlue.”

Kiko Match Cheats

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Kiko Match, the refreshable game

As with the rest of the flash games, you can only send your score for this game 3 times. But, you can play as much as you want without sending the score. This means you can play until you get the highest score possible. The quicker you match the higher your score. Once you get a score of 250As long as you score over 110, your score is doubled. My advice is never send any score that is below 200. Anything above that, you will be guaranteed at least 400 np. Once you get a score of 250, you get 500 neopoints. Pretty amazing huh? –

Kiko Match Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  November 28, 2011 — 1 Comment

Mastering Kikomatch

The basic stratagy is to play every single day. You will see that you get better. Start from the top left kiko and the one on its right. then go to the next two. If you find a match, match them up then continue going two by two where you left off. also, when you have three in a row at the bottom (near end of game, and one somewhere else (so u have 2 pairs left) it seems to be that of the three (going left to right) the first and third match and the 2nd and the other match. (this happens approx. 75% of the time) also, concentrate on correctness more than speed. (although speed is important too) – Debra