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Here’s the best tips I can recommend for anyone wanting to blow this game out of the water:

  • Use the “small” game size. Less distance to have to move your mouse = less time lost on the clock = more bonus points. Turn OFF the animations. You will have to do this every time you restart the game.
  • Minimize any other windows you have. You will be working in a very small window, and the LAST thing you want is to accidentally click out of the window and have to go find it again. If you click out and onto your desktop, your window will still be up and you won’t lose as much time. (This is recommended for any “clicking” games.)
  • (more…)

I know this is like a lot of the other Neopets get rich quick guides out there but I am completely serious and this is very easy to do.

I have a couple of games that I play daily to get around 50,000 neopoints a day. Be warned, this takes hours to make (around 3 – 6-ish), so I suggest you take breaks in between, or go do something else in between hours.

If you were REALLY persistent, then you could probably make 100,000 neopoints in a day, plus with all the freebies.

Easy games to play that will make you around 20k in under an hour: