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Mary Sutherland gives us the 411 on Key Quest in today’s episode because *drumroll*… Key Quest is officially out of beta! That’s right folks, come on over and line up to gave a go at the latest game craze to hit Neopets.

  • KeyQuest, a game where everybody wins, now out of beta
  • Mary gives us a ton of KeyQuest strategies
  • Free halloween goodie bags and where to get them
  • What you can do with the Halloween goodie bags
  • New items in Neopets
  • New Random Contest in Neopets
  • The big style tag debacle

I know this is like a lot of the other Neopets get rich quick guides out there but I am completely serious and this is very easy to do.

I have a couple of games that I play daily to get around 50,000 neopoints a day. Be warned, this takes hours to make (around 3 – 6-ish), so I suggest you take breaks in between, or go do something else in between hours.

If you were REALLY persistent, then you could probably make 100,000 neopoints in a day, plus with all the freebies.

Easy games to play that will make you around 20k in under an hour:

Series 4 Plushies
(click on the images or the name for a larger image)


Electric Gelert

Green Shoyru

Halloween Acara

Halloween Jubjub

Halloween Kacheek

Orange Aisha