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The Jelly Processing Plant is definitely a fun game. As a buzz in a jelly factory, you have to sort through all the Jelly and place them according to their barrels. Make a mistake three times and you are out! You are also tasked with disposing of the defects, in this case, ice cream. Not to worry though as you have your skeith friend to eat up all the ice cream for you! Here’s a few game guide tips to help you get that high score you wanted.

You will start out with the conveyer belt running slowly, but don’t let that put you off. As you proceed in levels, the belt will gradually speed up until you wish you were back on level 1 speed. Positioning of yourself is crucial in the later levels as the better positioned you are, the faster you can sort through the jellies and the more points you can accumulate. If you are too far to the edge, you risk missing picking up the jellies all together and lose a mark. I would recommend staying as close to the dispensing chute as possible are you are able to quickly pick up the jelly and run off with it while not risking another jelly falling off the conveyer belt while you are away. To exemplify this, take a look at this image:

Make the jelly move faster

After you’ve eaten the fish negg and rainbow negg type bignegg and the jelly will move faster. – sakhee

Easter egg

Type ‘marissa’ (without quotes) at the screen that says ‘Press Space Bar to Continue’ for an easter egg (surprise)! The easter egg is a caption that says, “Are you happy now?” – Maketakunai

Moonwalking Chomby

If you’re bored, here’s something fun to do. When there is a lot of space to move around, press your left arrow and begin to move to the left side of the board. Then, press your right arrow key while holding down the left. The Chomby will turn around, yet continue to move to the left! Walla! You have yourself a moonwalking-Michael-Jackson-imitating Chomby! It doesn’t help your game any, but it sure is funny to watch! – Anita Laff

Neopets Jelly

Kym Huynh —  March 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

Co-creator of Neopets, Adam Powell, has a secret affinity for the gelatin delight known as jelly. It’s bouncy, it’s see-through and it’s oh-so-yummy! It is no wonder that this unholy obsession found its way through to Neopian screens worldwide. What began as a poll for a possible world became an insider joke. No, they know not what we speak of.

The birth of Neopets Jelly

It was a bright, sunny day, and Neopians all over the world logged on to find a new poll. “What world would you like to see next?” it said in a merry voice (well not quite). Among the options was one that said Jelly World! Alas, Jelly World didn’t go on to win (if memory serves me correct) and the world was doomed to never be created, until…