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Interview With a Scammer

Kym Huynh —  August 11, 2017 — 1 Comment

The following is an interview I had with a scammer. He/she contacted me after reading the scammed section on the site, praising PPT, but also wanting to contribute to the compilation of articles in relation to scamming. The main concern, that most of the scams presented on PPT did not know how to spell correctly. This interview however, gives us an insight into why a person may scam. What leads a person to scamming and how some people scam. Whatever you may read this for, this interview holds within itself important information on how not to get scammed.

From the desks of Kym, Dave, Evan, Jonny, Demon and Siobhan come this full-rostered episode which breaks the record for longest running episode ever. Full of hilarity and fun (make sure you check out the bloopers reel afterwards), this episode talks about scams on Neopets and how to avoid them, some background history of famous Neopets hacking, the concept of petpetpets and petpets, PPT’s upcoming changes, previous episode comments, an interview with the creator of Subeta Keith Kurson, and the free preview of The Pink Poogle Toys’ new song called Trollin’.


He battled ferocious storms, he braved chilling odds and he ran the whole 9 yards to bring you what we know as Neopets today. But do you really know who Adam really is? In a Pink Poogle Toy exclusive, we chased after Adam, we badgered him with relentless phone calls and we dogged his every move, until he finally gave in and gave us this up-close-and-personal interview, where we dig until there is nothing left to dig for, and we uncover astounding secrets about Adam. But if you think that’s all, just wait until you see what Adam revealed about the Neopets crew and the game history! For instance, did you know that we could have been playing Varmints? Read on and find out more wicked facts!

Spotlight on Dave

Kym Huynh —  August 7, 2015 — 2 Comments

Hi Dave! Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get your name? What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What’s the most random thing you’ve done?

I’m 14, and I talk. That’s all there is to it! My name has a deep spiritual meaning. It means, “Amazingly attractive person who will grow up to make millions and give out over 4,000 autographs a day.” Okay, not really. To be honest I’m not really sure how I got my name!

I’m easily amused. Give me internet and I’m happy. I also believe that comfy chair + TV + your own can of Pringles = happiness.

Marcus, Stacey, Rachel, Josh and Chass head up the host list for the this installment of The Pink Poogle Toy Podcast and discuss topics ranging from Neopets’ new video game “The Wand of Wishing”, the new PIN number system, the Lost Desert Plot, the new biscuit paintbrush, the changes to the world challenges to an almighty exclusive, an interview with a former Neopets monitor! Huzzah!