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First off is Neopia Central. This is your starting point. Make sure you obtain a pet, because you really cannot go much of anywhere without one. Neopia Central has your inventory, your safety deposit box, the bank, and some stores. It contains the hospital should your pet get sick and the auction house.

There are some shops/stores/huts for sponsors as well. Currently there is Thinkway Toys™ who produces the Neopets talking toys, Wizards of the Coast

We all know that once in a while our pet will get sick. Be it from Wheel’s or Foods. Here is a guide to help you not make the mistake of getting sick and what you can do if it happens anyway.

1) How do they get sick? Well, there are many ways. If you spin a bad spin on lets say the Wheel of Excitement you might just end up with a sick pet. Another is random events, something will spit on you and well you just can’t do anything can you? The last thing is if your pet eats something terrible.