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Report of the Day

Day 1

  • The Neopets team arrive in London, it is not raining so that’s a good start! After a long flight we are all pretty tired so after a few hours seeing the sights we head off to bed.
  • We all go to the Capital FM studios, home of Disney Radio for an interview and a tour of the radio station. If you want to hear Donna and Anthony it is due to go out on Friday during the 4pm-7pm show 🙂

Blobbi_kid’s Visit to Hamleys

Having spent the night with two other neopets obsessed friends, we woke up bright and early (TOO bright and early) to get to Hamleys just as it opened. No such luck. We got there about fifteen minutes late, and already the store was packed. Whilst my friends father kept our place in the queue, I and my other friends spent a frenzied five minutes choosing our voice activated neopets, eventually deciding on a Red Shoyru, a Red Kougra and a Blue Kougra (mine!) quickly named Spud, Rory and Aramink respectively. Then we got in the queue and waited, and waited, and got very hassled by a guy in a Blue Lupe costume who liked one of my friends shoes, (they were fluorescent!) my other friends hair (plaits) and generally leaning on me for some reason. It took about two hours to get to the neopets artists, after having claimed free rare item codes and candy canes, running around Hamleys dementedly and listening to a guy yell “smelly goo! It makes balloons!” Where we had our favourite pets drawn.

Hidden level

On the main screen select continue game then type in gwylsgreatestescapeever then press submit and you will play the ‘hidden level’. – Grace Nicholas

Welcome to Faerieland city centre. There are lots of interesting places to find here and many more Neopets will be setting up shop in the next few days:) Why not have a look round and see what is open? An invisible tower in the Queen Faeries tower has been home for hundreds of years to the most powerful items in Neopia. She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland… can you afford the price??? Yes, located in the Farieland city center is a secret entrance to The Hidden Tower! In here, you may find items such as the Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie and the Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie. All neopoints spent here are used to raise money for Faerieland. However, all this items come costly and may empty your pockets pretty quick.

Free Neopoints

Kym Huynh —  December 25, 2014 — 1 Comment

Do you want free neopoints? Here are the methods to do it!

Free neopoints – You obtain it by playing the video: 150 np – 250 np – fakexl0ve

Find the hidden neopoints

You will need to find the hidden neopoints in each of these links. Apple Jacks (150 NP) Arthur (200 NP) Bedrock Superstar (200 NP) Bee Movie (250 NP) Cheetos (250 NP) Coming Soon (200 NP) Coming Soon 2 (200 NP) Eggo (150 NP) Essence (250 NP) Firefly (250 NP) FrootLoops (300 NP) Go Places (200 NP)