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This is one of the most useful solution for people like me who practically live in the battledome and aren’t lucky enough to have their pets fully healed at the healing springs every time.

Strangely enough this tip is so obvious I’m surprised no one ever noticed it before. It’s simple, fast, and has no strings attached.

1. First your pet must have the ability ‘Magic Berries’. You can get this useful move by giving your pet enough Earth Faeries. (It must be over level 6 or the faerie will just fly away.)

2. Now bring your pet to the healing springs. Even if the water faerie only raises your pets health a little bit this will still work.

Budgeting Wisely by David

Kym Huynh —  September 24, 2016 — 1 Comment

When Ogling a certain item or thinking about buying your pet that toy think hard about how it will affect your budget, here are some wise tips to maintaining a healthy budget and keeping your pets happy and full… Neopets DON’T need toys, to eliminate ever needing to have toys and the such simply save up enough to buy each one (or how many you have) a PetPet. They keep your pets happy and the whole NP wasting toy thing is done, A tip though that is sure to keep your pets very happy every now and then Switch PetPet’s and watch the effect. Now if your Neopet Doesn’t like the PetPet you supply it with that is fine (I take the example from a recent incident with an Angelpuss and a Gelert) just sell that Neopet (Or Trade) and with the money acquire a new one.

Buys stocks everyday, 500 shares each from two companies rated between 15-17. For more guidance, please refer to stock market guides.

I recommend putting most of your neopoints in the bank and take out what you need to spent. Reduce the chance of the ghost steal your points. Always head for places (e.g. Wheel of Misfortune) first which have risk of hurting or taking your neopets/pets, then go to places which will never harm your neopets, maybe better (e.g. Healing Springs, Coltzan’s Shrine).

Go to these places daily for free items:
Geraptiku Tomb (risky)
Healing Springs
Coltzan Shrine
Fruit Machine
Underwater Fishing
Freebies (monthly only)
Advent Calendar (during the month of December)

Do you get mad because it seems like your pet(s) are always hungry? Or because you keep having to find food at reasonable prices? If you know how to fill up your pet without spending money then i say don’t waste your time reading this article because it will only be a waste of time to you. If you don’t know how please read on. It will be very helpful. It will not only save you loads of np, but save you time which you can be spending to make np.

First, there is the healing springs. This is random though so you might not get it. If you do it should say “All your pets are healed and not hungry anymore.” You can do this every 60 minutes or one full hour. Location: Faerie Land