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1) Continue down the road
2) Stay in the car
3) Run from the car in terror
4) Continue along the path, avoiding the old houses
5) Keep asking questions
6) Head up to the house to look for the woman’s baby
7) Investigate the noise in the bushes
8) Descend the steps into the dark cellar
9) Try to break down the boards
10) Read the book on history
11) Run back up the stairs
12) Continue along the corridor
13) Continue
14) Shine your torch in his face
15) Run down the right corridor
16) You have successfully passed!

Ok, this game should be easy for everyone. Over my days playing Neopets, I usually see everyone’s high score for Pumkin Patch always 5 points! Well if you are the lazy kind and don’t actually read the whole instructions, you can actually get more neopoints than just the regular 5 neopoints! You will find out that it tells you to click on the pumpkin before the other ghost gets there. This game does the same combination every time.

#1: Click on scarecrow.
#2: Wait for the ghost to pop out of the middle pumpkin.
#3: Watch where ghost moves around.
#4: Remember the ghost’s movements.
#5: Play again.