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You know in those cartoons and funny movies where people use see-saws to catapult other people into the air? Well this game is exactly like that! This means there is lots of cheap fun to be had for all!

Using your mouse to position your Hasee left or right, you are in control of both Hasees. However, this control does not occur simultaneously. You can only be in control of one Hasee at a time, and this occurs after the Hasee has been catapulted into the air and landed on a tree branch. Imagine a large seesaw. Above that, large air space and then a large tree branch at the top. In the air space are yummy doughnutfruit, which for some odd reason fly from the left to the right of the screen and vice versa. Your aim is to catch these fruit either by making one Hasee fall or catapulting the other Hasee into the air to catch these doughnutfruits. The amount of bounces is limitless; however there are time limits to max out you score.

Hi all my account name is Dearnna_amy and im just going to tell you about Hasee Bounce and how to master the game. First I will tell you about Hasee Bounce.

The Basics

Okay, this is a really easy game! You have control over 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”.

One of them is on a balance board and the other is on a tree branch. the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is stuck until the one on the tree branch jumps and lands on the see-saw forcing the other to jump high in the air and land on a tree branch.


Woggy (orange Hasee) and Jimmi (purple Hasee) are the main characters who are jumping up and down the seesaw.

Get the doughnutfruits and letters (and sometimes there is Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy there) before time runs out.

How to Move

Mouse: Move the mouse around
Arrows: Left and right arrows

How to Jump

Mouse: Left Click
Arrows: Up and down arrows


To get your score or points you have to get the letters, doughnutfruit and sometimes Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy (if he is there because he rarely comes). Here is the score for the different colors of the doughtnutfruits:

  • Yellow Doughnutfruit: 1 point or sometimes 2 points
  • Blue Doughtnutfruit: 3 points
  • (more…)