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Tutorial 1

Just after you collect the last chest, go left and drop down to area below, push boulder from the right down the gap to left past ladder, drop after it, secret passage just to left of dropped boulder under broken platform.

Tutorial 2

Secret area above exit door on right jump right from platform and crawl/walk right to gem.

Tutorial 3

When you are told to run fast past falling boulders, ignore! Wait and climb up/left over boulders – in left wall – secret passage to gem.

Tutorial 4

First gap, you drop down, jump up and left secret passage to left to gem.

Level 1: A water level!!! It’s not too hard though, because the water doesn’t start flowing right away. Run to the right and collect the treasure, avoid the enemy of course. If the water fills up a bit where the next few treasures are, swimming up and avoiding running into the Pawkeet might be tricky! Jump up and go right, there are some boxes of treasure there. Go up the platforms, and go left. Collect the treasure, if it says 17/18 treasures don’t worry! Go right, and right beside the exit door is the last treasure. Get it, and there you go 🙂 If you decide to go into the secret area and collect the gem, the only way out is coming out of the one wall. But if you do that, you missed quite a few treasures. Go back and get them! Be careful, by then the water level might be up quite a ways! Very easy level.

5,000 point gem

In the first non-tutorial level, while you are still flashing, jump up and to your left. There is a hole in the wall which you should jump down. Once you fall to the bottom, run to the right, collect the gem, and go up the ladder and to the left–but be careful to not drop from the tunnel and right on top of the Pawkeet. – krawkfan101

Invincible starts

When you first start the level and Hannah is “blinking,” she is invincible. This is a good time to try and get treasure in hard to reach places. – Cow_Goddess_12

Secret messages

Did you know that in Hannah and the Ice Caves, there is a secret message in the background on every level? – Sparkiness

The hidden programmer

In the last bonus level (Muahaha), you can sometimes see a blonde guy in the background, where a hidden message would be on the normal levels. He’s about three times Hannah’s size and impossible to miss (this usually happens if you have to restart the level). – spacecat7n

How to destroy those pesky ghosts!

You can destroy those flowing ghosts if they are at the same level at Hannah’s head by pressing down and pushing a boulder towards them when they approach you. – lawrencemewtwolo

How to move quickly on a stretch of icy ground

To move more quickly along a stretch of icy ground, rapidly press the direction key instead of holding down on it. Your character will move more
quickly since they slide when they stop. Be careful around enemies however. – evilishies

Make 3k in 2 minutes

The very last level on Hannah and the Ice Caves is called ‘Muahaha.’ It’s a great initiative to beat the game since it is one of the shortest and easiest of the levels, and it gives you 50 treasure chests, which translate into 1000 NP! You can make 3k a day in about 2 minutes! – evilishies