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Basic Game Plot

The “nasty” Skarl wants to steal Hagan’s cookies from his castle with toys! Help Hagen defend his castle with towers, blocks and decoys!


Um… not much here… just your mouse to buy towers, decoys and blocks really. And upgrade them as well.

Gameplay and Strategy

Before you do anything, practice at practice mode before you even try the real game. The enemies come in waves, so before each wave, you should try and upgrade your towers and decoys as much as possible.

I also recommend that you build a wall of blocks around your castle of cookies. First of all, when your playing, you should build a tower and I recommend that you upgrade it all the way to the top of that line of weapon.

Your ‘base’ in this tower defence game is in the bottom right corner. The cookies. Don’t let the enemy (who comes from the top left) get through the castle walls and into your little cookie stash. Booooo. Bad Skarl. You can accomplish this goal by setting up towers (yay!), either offensive or delaying. To start though, the delaying ones won’t do much, as you might have guessed, they don’t do much damage… mostly delaying. I would choose easy to start with if your a real beginner. Not because you really are one, but you need to experiment. It’s MY experiment place, and it helps. No loss, no gain, right? Eh… Or was it no pan no gain… heh. Now those were the basics… Now for my technique!