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First off is Neopia Central. This is your starting point. Make sure you obtain a pet, because you really cannot go much of anywhere without one. Neopia Central has your inventory, your safety deposit box, the bank, and some stores. It contains the hospital should your pet get sick and the auction house.

There are some shops/stores/huts for sponsors as well. Currently there is Thinkway Toys™ who produces the Neopets talking toys, Wizards of the Coast

Many people on Neopets belong to a guild. Weather it’s being a member or actually running one with councils assistance. No matter what the genre of the guild the main goal is to bring people of similar likes together. Rather like building a online community.

While the notion of a guild and it’s members being good friends, almost like family. The truth sometimes is this isn’t the case. Every guild has it’s rules and where there are rules you can find rule breakers. Some may find this issue a silly one, when after all no one can change the way things are. But guilds can end up loosing members .. friends through people’s lies, deception and unpleasant behavior.

Blobbi_kid’s Visit to Hamleys

Having spent the night with two other neopets obsessed friends, we woke up bright and early (TOO bright and early) to get to Hamleys just as it opened. No such luck. We got there about fifteen minutes late, and already the store was packed. Whilst my friends father kept our place in the queue, I and my other friends spent a frenzied five minutes choosing our voice activated neopets, eventually deciding on a Red Shoyru, a Red Kougra and a Blue Kougra (mine!) quickly named Spud, Rory and Aramink respectively. Then we got in the queue and waited, and waited, and got very hassled by a guy in a Blue Lupe costume who liked one of my friends shoes, (they were fluorescent!) my other friends hair (plaits) and generally leaning on me for some reason. It took about two hours to get to the neopets artists, after having claimed free rare item codes and candy canes, running around Hamleys dementedly and listening to a guy yell “smelly goo! It makes balloons!” Where we had our favourite pets drawn.

Guilds, we’ve all been in one. But what do they really do? Sure they help you meet new people, and some offer amazing features such as:

-Adoption centers (adopt a painted pet!)
-1 np auctions (only for members!)
– Guild Malls (everything you need!)

Those are great ideas. But some aren’t going to happen. I mean, hello! Who is going to give up a painted pet? I mean, you work hard to get all this np then buy a paintbrush and paint your pet… just to give it to someone else? And there’s always a catch.

“You need to be a member for 6 months”
“You have to be an ‘active member’ ”

Episode 27 of The PPT Show brings together Evan, Kym, Dave, Siobhan, Jonny and new host Robin in an episode about the Neopian auctions, the concept of Neopets name stalking, how often name freeing occurs and why or why it happens. They also consider whether the Neoboards have gone too far and tips on how to make a successful Neopets guild. The show finishes with the hosts exploring the world of Neopia’s faerie quests so hold onto your horses and prepare to laugh out loud as the hosts lose the plot … officially!