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Scourge of the Lab Jellies is a great and classic Neopets game because it is easy to play but hard to master. Move jellies of the same color into rows of five to make them disappear, but beware, three jellies appear for every move you make.

There is no time penalty nor a deduction of points for the distance of a move, so take your time and make every move count. Even one extra move that does not play into your strategy can lead to the build up of excessive jellies that will kill you in the end.

First, utilize the jellies that fall naturally in groups. Don’t move jellies that already share their row with others of the same color… Use the configuration the game gives you, don’t fight it.

Its happened to many Neopians. You’re on Neopets, doing your usual thing, when *WHAM* you’ve just lost all you Neopoints and items, quite possibly your password has been changed too. Yep, you’ll later come to find out you’ve been scammed. When most people think about a scam on Neopets they think of something such as the the Neopets item/neopoint Generator where a person will ask for the username and password assuring the user that they will get any item(s) they want, I see this scam all over Internet sites about Neopets. Then there’s the cleverly placed login pages in shops, before you buy the item your after (usually a very cheap one) the login page comes up telling you to login, this scam is not very common as it is reported right away and stopped ASAP by the Neonates Team, the only way to tell it’s a scam is by looking at website URL, if it starts with anything other then it’s a fake page. Lastly there are the people you find all over the chat boards, you know, the people that come up with lame reasons for you to give them your password… like ‘I’ll neo-sit for your Neopets while your away’ though most of these fall through as the board gets flooded will people who know better and post it’s a scam. Basically all these scams listed above are easy not to fall for as long as you know what to watch out for and remember not to ever give out your password, just like the Red Blumaroo says that bounces by in random events… ‘Never ever give out your password!’. Only people new to Neopets (these people are referred to as ‘Newbies’) get scammed for the most part, and this brings me to what I came to write about. Like I just said, only Newbies get scammed, and this isn’t your ordinary scam… if you were to think about it, what’s the point in hacking an account if it’s only a Newbie? Where’s the profit? Well the person that thought up this ‘scam’ was smart. They don’t take the Newbies accounts, they just take advantage of their ignorance.

When multi-colored Baby Usuls began falling from the sky, some of them shooting at you and others trying to push you off your platform with brooms, you know you’re dreaming.

If your not, then your playing Usul Suspects, a new game from Neopets. Lumi the Nimmo has been tricked into babysitting these evil usuls by a giant skeith (okay, I made that bit up.), and she’s barricaded herself on the playground lift.

Below, I’ve listed various strategies to avoid and shoot your oppenents. This isn’t a quick-written-in-two-seconds guide, I’ve actually gone in-depth here. It’s worth reading, if you want to get your daily 3k by scoring 500 points. You have three lives in the game. You lose one if the the Usuls fire at you and hit you off the lift, or if one pushes you off with a broom.

The day started like any other would, except there was one difference. It was my birthday. I was going to the beach that day, but because it was only about an hour away I did not have to get up at the crack of dawn. So I decided to go on Neopets. I thought best do the daily things and then I can get some np and then I can put it in the bank later.

The first thing I planned to do was my fruit machine free spin, I could not believe my luck when it had said that I had won 10,000 np and a water muffin worth about 12,000 np. I decide to sell my water muffin, to my surprise it sold within seconds. So I go to the beach with a smile on my face knowing I was 22,000 np richer.

Bumper cars promotion imageA game of quick intuition, rough speed and banging, bumper cars will not only help you ease your frustration, it will also earn you neopoints on the side! and possibly, a shiny new trophy to display and bragging rights. This game is played rodeo style, four cars locked in a ring where they crash and bang each other to victory. The victor, the last one standing.

There are many hints and tips to this game. To effectively beat this game and receive a higher score, you must aim not to lose hp, even though you still gain a little bit at the start of each new level. Even though you may be at full health, the extra health at the new level will add to it. When you hit a car, immediately back away as the opponent car often charges you straight after doing major damage. A good strategy is to hit the opponent car front on, then reverse, and hit another car boot first. Most people play this game by running in circles in the center, letting other cars bang into them but hurting themselves while others dodge the other cars and finish off the last one. Any method is fine but remember that you can only score points for as many hits as you do.