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Neopets' secret laboratory

Why you no give me access NAO???

I bet you are thinking, “I could never afford a lab map, those thinks are like 500,000 nps!”. Well think again because this guide will get you your lab map easily. First, you need to think about your income. “How many neopoints am I making a day?” The number should be higher than 20,000 in order to get your lab map set. I also bet you’re thinking, “I do not like just saving and playing games… I like to SPEND!” Well now you can.

The secret: Auction house!! Take your 20,000 to the auction house and you can normally bid on a map for 2,000 – 6,000 and by the end of the auction it is usually 15,000 – 25,000 so there, instead of spending 50,000 on a single map piece, you just spent 20,000!

Hiya! This is my very own guide to your basic games and fast ways to earn money in Neopets! This guide (though made for beginners) should get you 5,000 neopoints at the very least by the end of your Neopian week!

First off, you might consider making a bank account to store your neopoints. IMPORTANT: IT TAKES 150 NEOPOINTS TO OPEN ONE!!! Now that you have an account, go to your inventory and get a newbie pack (If you qualify for one). Store one of your petpets (those cardboard animal things) in your safety deposit box, and give the other to your neopet. You might also get some paintbrushes in the pack; they’re very rare and valuable.

The Story

He came from beyond the stars to conquer the planet Neopia. Unfortunately for Dr. Sloth, one thing stands in the way of completely obliterating your beloved planet – YOU. Your single-man fighter is really no match for Dr. Sloth’s Battlecruiser, but it’s all you’ve got. You won’t win of course, your mission is simply to delay him as much as possible to give the Neopians time to prepare.

Hello, are you ready to master Neverending Boss Battle? Okay, let’s get going!

The Basics

Controls – The first thing you need to know to play this game, and virtually every other game in this world is the controls. The controls for NBB (Neverending Boss Battle) are quite simple really.

Edited by Kym Huynh

Lost City Lanes is the newest game on Neopets and you can very easily get 3,000 neopoints a day playing.

To play you hold down your mouse button on the ball and slide it forward (or up). The faster you slide up, the faster the ball goes. You can then control the ball as it rolls down the lane by moving your mouse left and right.

The easiest way to get a strike every time is to hit just to the left of the head pin (the pin at the very centre front) on an angle.

You can also hit just to the right of the head pin (just mirror the image). Just like in real life bowling if you hit the head pin straight on then you get a split (where there are two or more pins that more than a ball width apart). If you do get a split just try to hit one of the balls because it is almost impossible to get the correct spin on the ball to hit one pin into the other.

A Word From Kym

Kym Huynh —  August 5, 2017 — 2 Comments

Welcome to the world of Neopets! I am Kym, a Neopets player, who during my time, have experienced everything that there is to experience about this game. This book contains a wealth of information all waiting for you to uncover and read!

As many of you may know, Neopets is a game of magic and excitement, where any decision you make will affect other aspects of your Neopian life. This world is gifted with friends you can make. On the other hand, it is also plagued with scammers and scoundrels, who like doing nothing better than to rob you of your achievements. In my opinion, the risks are worth it, as this game has been a blessing for me. For me, this game, other than its entertainment value, has been an invaluable educational experience. From its scammers and hackers, I have learnt that the world is not a perfect place. Through its integrated commerce system, I have learnt the real value of money. Through its stock market, auctions and trading, I have learnt valuable commerce and haggling skills. These things cannot be learnt in the classroom, and I am thankful that I was able to learn this in a simulated environment rather than learning it in the real world, where results could become nasty. Are you willing to also learn these things?