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I know we’ve all seen those 10k a Day articles, telling us that we can make thousands on np in under an hour. They show off the authors’ best game scores but they don’t really help much. What you really need to know is WHY these games are so good to play and how you can learn to play them better. These are some of my favorite games, it’s true, but hopefully when I pass on what I know to you, they’ll be your favorites as well.


I remember well when Turmac Roll came out and the Neopets staff warned that it was ‘very addictive’. I think that still stands to this day. It’s always the first game I play when I log on. I usually don’t send my score until I get at least 300 points, but I have got over 1000 before. The points translate directly to neopoints, so you win whatever amount you score.

First of all you need a score of 1000+ to get the avatar. Some people say that jelly processing plant was easier but I believe Hungry Skeith is easier. You don’t have to worry about all the ice cream combos.


red jelly or carrot thing = 3 points
blue jelly = 5 points
green jelly or radioactive cake thing = 8 points


Alright if you have very bad reaction time and hand eye coordination, you will most likely not be able to get this avatar (unless you practice a lot).

Now then, you need to get familiar with the factory. To put the red jelly in the red bin and you are by the conveyer belt all you need to do is press UP on your keyboard, for blue UP and Right, and for green UP, Right, and Right. To pick up a jelly you press space. To let go of one press space. So to put a green jelly in the green bin just press Space, UP, Right, Right, and Space. The foods, don’t worry about them just leave them alone.

Bet you didn’t think squash could be so fun did you? Meriball, the latest game to feature our heroine, Lisha, of Meridell, the action filled Medieval land of Neopia, is a game all about squash! With a twist of course, but then again, all NeoPet games have twists don’t they. This time, in an action packed game of squash, you are charged with defeating all your opponents. They take the forms of Lisha’s friends Boris, Morris, Kaeyln and the much-feared big bad wolf otherwise known as Jeran!

Of course, Squash is very similar to the game of tennis. However there are notable differences. The game squash is played against in a room, where the front wall, the left and the right walls are used as rebounds in the play. The player takes turns hitting the ball. You get the idea don’t you? Excitement is added to this through its power ups and of course, those adorable hamsters that so love to get into your way.

Meriball is a relatively easy game. It may take practice, but it is very simple. The object of the game is to either break the ball, or bounce it off the wall and get it passed the opponent without him hitting it. Each time you score, you get a point, and first to 5 points wins. You can also grab an upgrade that will help you, hurt your opponent, or both.

Here’s the upgrades:

2xBall = ball becomes twice as fast

SLOWBall = ball becomes much slower (obviously)

2xMan = you become twice as fast

SLOWMan = your opponent moves much slower

Curvy Arrow = the ball goes against the laws of physics (eg.the ball left, then goes right back the same way it left!)

Stowaway Sting is very similar to the classic Deckswabber. Each level consists of an 8×8 grid of crates of three different heights, and the bare dock surface. Your goal is to change the tops all of the bare crates to the color designated in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the first three levels this is not a problem the crate changes blue once you step on it and stays that way. However, once you hit level four landing on a crate more than once toggles the color on and off, complicating things. You have 60 seconds to complete each level, or its game over.