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Hello and welcome to xxchibixkiwixx’s Game Guide to Destruct-O-Match on, the most addicting game on the entire site! (In my personal opinion ;3)

Here is a table of contents for this guide.

I. The Object of the Game
II. Game Modes
III. Boulder Powerups and Abilities
IV. Basic Strategy

I. The Object of the Game

The object of the Destruct-O-Match is basically that of Bejeweled. You have to rid the playing field of all the boulders. Simple, right? You can only make boulders disappear by clicking twice on groups of three boulders or more touching each other of the same colour. The more in the row you click on, the more points you get. To get to the next level, you have to meet the score requirement located in the lower left corner of the screen. Your score is displayed on the top left corner.

Don’t we all just hate those scammers? Don’t we want to rip their heads off and stuff it in the garbage can (sorry about “graphic” description ;)? Well, my friends, one of my friends who played Neopets was a scammer, and got frozen like water in the tundra. While watching him play, I learned the tactics of a scammer and how they really work. Scammers strategies are so basic, I enjoy thinking of ways to make fun of them. How to insult them in instant messenger. How to take glory as they look in your account and discover absolutely nothing because you are nothing but a newbie, and suddenly they freeze and cry to their mommies. So, read on and discover how to LIKE meeting scammers on AOL Instant Messenger.

Faerie Bubbles is a fairly easy given you have an okay sense of aim. The game is simple enough, you are in charge of a cannon full of various bubbles. Whatever bubble is first will be the one you aim at bubbles of the same color. If you get four or more, you form a combo. The level is over when all of the bubbles are gone. First thing’s first, you have to learn the color combos. While most are good, some of them are very bad. They are already listed on the main page of the game and on various Neo help sites but in case you don’t know (or are lazy :P), here they are.

I haven’t really reached a really high score in this game but here are just a few tips for you.

Keep your fingers on the cursor keys! Remember which key one finger is on. That way, it would be much easier for you to move. You’ll be able to avoid hesitating that way!

Stay away from the mines! Stay at the sides! If the mines are surrounding the dubloon go around the area in circles and at the sides, making sure that you don’t stay near the mines. The mines will be confused and sometimes, they explode! Then, there’s your chance of getting the dubloon!

Ahem. One of the easiest games in the Action area of the Games Room is Hasee Bounce. Mainly, you have two Hasees, an Orange Hasee named Woogy and a Purple Hasee named Jimmi. They are on a seesaw, and you alternate jumping down on it to get Doughnutfruit for points. The Doughnutfruit are as follows:

  • Yellow: 1 point
  • Blue: 3 points
  • Green: 4 points
  • Silver: 5 points
  • Gold: 10 points
  • Sponge: 15 points
  • Flaming: 18 points
  • Ice: 20 points
  • Rainbow: 40 points
  • Fish: 50 points (wow)

The whole point, obviously, is to get as many points as possible. Since the game is 300 nps for every 100 pts, it is very easy to get a lot of neopoints. Although it is a timed game with the time bar at the top of the screen, you can lengthen your time by jumping down and “eating” the colored letters that come across the screen with the Doughnutfruit. The letters spell HASEE, but there is a catch. Woogy, the Orange Hasee, only eats orange letters, and Jimmi, the Purple Hasee, only eats purple letters. Each letter is two points, so you get points along with time. They give you two seconds to your time. When you spell HASEE with the five letters, you get a time bonus BUT NO EXTRA NEOPOINTS. If you spell HASEE with a mix of purple and orange letters, there is a 20 second bonus. If you spell HASEE with all of one color, like all purple letters, then you get a 40 SECOND BONUS added to your time. This helps a lot but is very difficult to do, so don’t try unless you have a lot of time to spare.