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Plushie Tycoon is a new game about you, as a businessman, going to make a plushie kingdom. Here are some tips on how to plat Plushie Tycoon.

1. Raw Goods – It is up to you whether you want to be a cheapskate, or you are targeting the upscale buyer. I usually target upscale buyer.
2. Store – It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. You should upgraded the store and advertise it (to the highest level) before platying. Don’t worry, you would have enough money.
3. Factory – Your workforce should only cost around 1000 per hour. Balance the amount of workers.

Daily Dare 2009 Guide by Daze

Kym Huynh —  February 13, 2018 — 6 Comments

Adapted by Kym Huynh and Brendon

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Since the Daily Dare challenge began in 2006, it has become a yearly celebration showcasing the best in Neopets’ games in a month-long challenge that pits your computer gaming skills against that of Aristotle A. Avinroo (for those l33t gamers) and Abigail Avinroo (for those non-gamers who still want to participate for bragging rights).

The basic idea behind this game is that Balthazar wants to eat all of the petpets in a field where you, a brave blue kacheek, are the shepherd. It’s your job to pick up the petpets one by one, dropping them into a pen in the center as you go. The first few levels are downright simple, and you should have no trouble passing them and getting your two bonuses, one for saving the petpet with a gold star on its back and the other for saving all of the petpets. Although you won’t need to use them extensively in these first levels, no doubt you’ve also noticed the yellow ball and the snowflake that bob around the level, and u probably know what they do if you’ve read the instructions. The only real tactic to use in the early levels is to get the snowflake anytime it’s near you and generally just be quick around the paddock while you still have 4 places where you can put the petpets into the central area.

The Jelly Processing Plant is definitely a fun game. As a buzz in a jelly factory, you have to sort through all the Jelly and place them according to their barrels. Make a mistake three times and you are out! You are also tasked with disposing of the defects, in this case, ice cream. Not to worry though as you have your skeith friend to eat up all the ice cream for you! Here’s a few game guide tips to help you get that high score you wanted.

You will start out with the conveyer belt running slowly, but don’t let that put you off. As you proceed in levels, the belt will gradually speed up until you wish you were back on level 1 speed. Positioning of yourself is crucial in the later levels as the better positioned you are, the faster you can sort through the jellies and the more points you can accumulate. If you are too far to the edge, you risk missing picking up the jellies all together and lose a mark. I would recommend staying as close to the dispensing chute as possible are you are able to quickly pick up the jelly and run off with it while not risking another jelly falling off the conveyer belt while you are away. To exemplify this, take a look at this image:

Plushie Tycoon Guide

Plushi Tycoon is a fierce game in which you have to survive in the plushie industry. You start out with 50,000 NP. Its not real np that you get, its just in the game. You make plushies from scratch, and sell them in a store. Here is a guide on the successful way I did it.

Here is what you need to make 100 plushies.
1 of the 100 sq ft pieces of cloth
1 of the 10 gal bags of stuffing
1 lb of the accessories
1 of the 100 count containers of packing.

So basically, buy 1 of each of the four things needed to make 100 plushies. Buy more if you want to do it my way. This is how I did it and my game is going very well.