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Background Information

Neggsweeper is a non-flash puzzle game with a rating of Medium and as the game says it is all about negg here. In this game there are two high score tables, one for a single game and one for cumulative games! There are 3 levels for you to choose which are “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. The motive of this game is to click on all the good neggs and avoid clicking on the bad neggs which are RED in color for it means Game Over! This game will surely challenge even the toughest players! Yes it is!

Score based on factors of how often it works as it is set up, how easy to perform the actions needed, how many moves it takes.

Method 1

Velvet Moon has found a really successful method. Great Job Velvet Moon.

Score: 4.5 out of 5.

Method 2

Score: 4 out of 5.

Method 3

Goodjolly has another method that is quite successful but it is also the longest version. Good Job Goodjolly.

Score: 3 out of 5.

Method 4

Credendo Vides, Kiquin has the final method. It works most of the time but it does need a lot of extra adjustment since you don’t have 3 in a row till right before the win. I still think this is one of the better methods due to the way it works it can be adjusted for a win at almost any time. Great Job Credendo Vides.

Fashion Fever is a very easy game! It can also be very enjoyable if you’re into dressing up. 🙂

Every day, 900np can be earned from playing Fashion Fever. There are a few ways in which you can play Fashion Fever:

1. The quick, neopoint friendly way – load the game in pop-up window style and select ‘start game’. Then you will see the actual game screen. There is a Kougra standing in what appears to be a dressing room.

Now, simply click the ‘End Game’ button and submit your score. You will receive 300np for each time you change your character – regardless of how much you actually changed the character.

Turmac Roll is a one player action game made entirely for kids. It is a very simple game where you control a Turmac by using the arrow keys.

Pressing the right arrow key will guide the Turmac faster and to slow down you press the left arrow key. To jump you press the up arrow key. If you are wanting to increase gravity (push the Turmac down to stick closer to objects) press the down arrow key.

Now I will tell you how to make the berries that come up worth more! You can only do this on hard mode though. You speed up using the right arrow key and you then slow down by using the left arrow key. This increases you chances of receiving a juicy berry higher by 50%!

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars is a great game to make neopoints, you just have to work for it.
First of all, practice, practice, practice getting your aim on the fuzzles. The point is, don’t just fire like crazy, shoot fast, but still keep your aim on the fuzzles.

Level 1:
This is a fairly simple level, just shoot the fuzzles as fast as you can, because the faster you shoot them, the more that comes out, the more points you get. Notice the little 3 x 2 thing? Let’s call that the multiplier. Okay, so shoot the fuzzles as fast as you can. Don’t miss any. Just start slow, get better and shoot faster. If you miss them, it would be best to start over if you are serious. Every time you miss, the multiplier will start over from 1 x 2, 2 x 2, and so on. Don’t let the multiplier fall down. After it reaches 9 x 2, it will go to 10 x 3. I suggest you not press on the multiplier until you’ve reached AT LEAST x3. Actually, just don’t press it.