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The Basics

Okay, this is a really easy game! You are in control of 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”. Okay you have them one on a balance board and the other on a tree branch. Only the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is idle until the other jumps, and lands, from the tree branch.

Confused? Okay, say Woogy is on the tree and Jimmi is on the balance board. Jimmi can not jump until Woogy lands on the board. When the other one goes up, Jimmi, he can only move side to side and he jumps immediately once Woogy lands. Then he can walk till’ you see a doughnutfruit, then jump!

The game Imperial Exam is quite simple. You play a blue Kacheek who decides whether or not each one of the upcoming neopets gets to become a scholar or not. The problem is is that there are a lot of neopets that are posing to be scholars, but really can not spell a word. It’s your job to allow the right neopets in, and keep the bad ones out.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “UGH SPELLING!” or “UGH EDUCATIONAL!” but it’s really not that hard. It’s merely a press of a button and knowing how to spell the word. The up and down keys are what you use throughout the entire game. Up means correct, down means false. Me personally I’m a horrible speller, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win all 5 rounds of the game just because you’re a bad speller.

Power Ups

Blue Power up

Lv 1 – small blue beam (default weapon).
Lv 2 – stronger beam with faster reload rate.
Lv 3 – stronger beam, even faster reload rate.
Lv 4 – strong rapid-fire beam.

Red Power up

Lv 1 – small red fireball.
Lv 2 – 2 stronger fireballs shooting in a V formation away from you.
Lv 3 – 3 strong fireballs shooting away in a V formation with an extra fireball in the middle.
Lv 4 – 3 fire waves (best weapon out there!).

Green Power up

Lv 1 – three-way shot 9very slow but effective for killing enemies on your sides).
Lv 2 – 2 green balls shooting in a V formation away from you.


Coffee (lots of it), unplug the phone and allow yourself a few hours to spend on this game.


This game is extremely annoying and can get very tedious at times, but it is very simple to play and as long as you have the patience (and time) you can easily earn yourself a shiny new trophy.

First off, prepare yourself to sit in front of your computer for about 3 hours (no that is not a typo, i did say 3 hours!) because this game is so easy and there is no “winning” involved the scores on the high-score table are ridiculously high.



Deckswabber Play Guide

Kym Huynh —  March 26, 2017 — 2 Comments

Deckswabber is one of those games which need a lot of problem solving skills but not only that, a little bit of luck. Personally, I do not think this game is any that hard, although the later levels can become quite hard but once you discover a pattern, stick to it and you should find yourself racking in those points.

So what do I mean patterns? This is what I mean. Always try to complete each stage by only touch a square once. This is done because once you do this, you will be able to pass the later stages of the game with ease (the later stages of the game requires you to jump on certain squares a certain number of times).