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Pterattack 2 Guide by Alex

Kym Huynh —  April 23, 2018 — 1 Comment

You go around shooting enemies. That’s basically it. You have weapons and upgrades that go up to level 4 starting with a weak blue laser beamy thing called ptershot. It’s rapid fire but it isn’t spread. I don’t suggest getting this. It’s upgrade/weapon look is a blue circle with 3 lines that flash. It stays as the same shot.

Next, is pterboom. Shoots a boomerang out. It’s purple. it goes at an angle. At level 2 you shoot 2 boomerangs and at level 3 you shoot 2 boomerangs. At level 4 you shoot 2 GIANT boomerangs. This is my second most favorite weapon. Upgrade is a purple circle with a purple line spinning inside.

Grarrl Keno is a game based on luck; there is only one factor in the game you can change: the numbers of eggs you bet on. Using the mathematical formula below I calculated the average NP you get back.

E= number of eggs you selected
H= number of eggs you selected that hatched

(E nCr H)+((80-E) nCr (10-H))
________________________ (divided by)

80 nCr 10
===================== (equals)
(= 1646492110000)

E Average NP
2 0.1820*bet
3 0.07485*bet
4 0.04016*bet
5 0.0217*bet
6 0.004623*bet
7 0.001998*bet
8 0.0000503*bet
9 0.2805*bet
10 0.2411*bet

This proves you can’t really make a lot of NP (unless you’re really lucky; the chance of 30000 times your bet is far less than one in a million(1/8234055100 to be precise)). You should only play this game to get a trophy. When you do play, select 9 eggs. – Allergoeiste