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The PlayStation website for The Darkest Faerie ( has hidden desktop goodies for you to download if you’re able to unlock them. Provided here are instructions as to how to access them.

Desktop Backgrounds

Tormund Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Illusen’s Glade.
3) Click on the box near one of the bridges.

Roberta v. Werelupe Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Brightvale.
3) Click on the bush located at the edge of the cliff on the left portion of the map.

Roberta & Tor Desktop
1) Visit the Characters section.
2) Browse around the section until you see a red Juppie. When it appears, click it.

Acara Adoptables Set 1

Kym Huynh —  August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

Looking for some free Neopets adoptables to spruce up your website, pet page, guild layout, shop layout, user lookup or whatever else you may have? Of course you are.

Contained here are some free-to-use adoptables. Download and use at will. Enjoy.