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1. The easy way always gets you frozen.

2. The quality of a Neopian Times story is inversely proportional to the quality of the picture the Staff will use to represent it.

3. The neochat monitors never watch until you make a mistake.

4. The Neopian Lottery is similar to the real lottery in that you will never, ever win it.

5. In the Wheel of Excitement, the “Mystery Prize” slot is 10 times larger than pictured.

6. No matter how many codestones you buy, you’ll never get the right combination of the ones you need.

7. The Lupe at the Golden Dubloon can’t do math, so don’t even try.

I know most game guides include playing games. This one Doesn’t. I have summed it up in 4 Easy steps:


1) Visit Coltzan’s Shrine at 55 seconds past the minute (NST), and get some dubloons. OR
2) Buy a Two Dubloon Coin (Approx 3100 NP) OR
3) Do Both 😉

(Current Neopoints: -3100)


Go to Krawk Island and Enter the Golden Dubloon. Buy anything priced 1 Dubloon. Feed it to your pet.

(Current Neopoints: -3100)


Put the One Dubloon Coin into your shop at 500NP above the price you got it, (3600 to 3700 will all but ensure a buy) and wait about 10 mins (at the busy times). Once it’s bought, Withdraw the money instanly.