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Now, this one is a tad tricky. I have a few tips, however, if you want to win it (which I have done, twice):

1.) The more time on the site the better. If you only get on to feed your pets, play games, and get money, then forget about winning. You have to be updated on everything, like new items and other games.

2.) Things that have just been introduced will be on there a lot. When I won the last time, I just got on and said “Oh! That’s Hubert from the Hot Dog Place!” I just typed it in, and happened to be one of the first 500.

Carnival of Terror Tips

Kym Huynh —  October 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

Point estimates

When you play Carnival of Terror, you’ll notice that there is no score counter while you play. Here is an estimate of the amount of points you may have, in a given time: – starbred

2 mins = 500 pts
2.5 mins = 600 pts
3 mins = 700-800 pts
3.5 mins = 750-850 pts
4 mins = 800-900 pts
4.5 mins = 900-1,000 pts
5 mins = 1000-1250 pts
6 mins = 1300-1400 pts
6.5 mins = 1400 – 1500 pts
7 mins = 1500-1850 pts
9 mins = 1900-2000 BE CAREFUL FOR WC!!!