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During my many hours of game play, I have at times encountered various hackers and scammers, and usually try to interact with them. Following are various explanations I’ve heard for this behavior, and my response to their justifications.

It’s just a game, its not that important so it shouldn’t bother you too much. This is a common response especially when the subject comes up in Neochat. Yes Neopets is ‘just a game’, and in the overall scheme of life it isn’t important. BUT I’ve placed literally thousands of hours into getting where I am. To have that taken by some cheater would be devastating, just from the time loss alone. Its MY time, not yours, and yes I do care about my time. This ‘its just a game’ doesn’t apply to any game I’ve ever heard of anyway. Say a total stranger purposefully tipped over a chess game you were playing on the street. Your reaction would most likely be to not just shrug and say ‘Oh well, it was just a game’ You’d be upset and with every right.