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Gadsgadsgame by y_lime

Kym Huynh —  October 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

The goal of Gadsgadsgame is to get as much points as possible. Fruits will fall from the top of the screen and to move them, use the left and right arrow keys, and space bar to rotate them (The up arrow key also rotates the fruit). Some fruits have a spark on (this is called a bomb). You use these to blow up fruits of the same kind. This will earn you points! If the bomb has nothing to blow up, but its self, you will get one point.

If you get four of the same fruits together in a square it will become a medium-sized fruit. If you add 5 more (In a L shape) you will get a fruit even bigger! Remember, the L shape can be on any corner of the fruit. Big fruits help in getting big points!

First off, ALWAYS PLAY AT THE HARDEST LEVEL. I find this applies to all games, as it means your points are usually increased, and there is no problem if you do choose to change level later. If you start easy, then try to change to hard, you may have trouble adjusting. In Turmac Roll, the differences between the levels are the combination of obstacles rather than anything else, and this is easily dealt with:

However tedious this sounds, it neednt be. If you do your three games of Turmac Roll per day, then that would be enough, as very quickly youll start to notice the patterns the obstacles come in. The start, for example, is always the same, so work out the best way to get all the berries. Other patterns go in seemingly random cycles, but since you know what is coming, to a limited degree, itll soon be easy to get 700NP+ per play.

For lots of hole-in-ones, this guide will tell you where to put your mouse.

First select Perfect Putter and the Reese’s Puff Ball.

Note that all these directions may need to be barely be adjusted based on the contrast of your computer. If there are any revisions or improvements, please neomail scubasteeveneo

Hole 1: For a hole in one, move your mouse down as far as you can go without loosing the hand, then move it over directly above the 1 in hole: 1 and click.
Hole 2: Do the same as for hole one except line it up Between the L and E on hole for a hole in one.

Alright so make the window fairly large and don’t touch the options of the game window.

This game is all about patience, without patience, you wont get the avatar [If that’s what your playing for(850+ to get avatar)].

To make sure you don’t hit any mines, while going for a dubloon, charge at it, so even if they spawn right in front of your path, you go right over them.

If they are in the corner, go into the corner and charge outwards.

After having 2 mines on the board, stop and think. If they are far a part, go right in the middle of them until they get fairly close and then start moving forward till the eventually hit each other and explode.

To start, the point of this game is to answer the math problems the Babaas give you before they touch down on land. If they do, you get one strike. Three strikes and you lose! Use the arrow keys to select a question and use the number keys to input your answer. If it’s right, that Babaa will be gone. Clear out all the Babaas and you’ll go to the next round.

Now that I’ve done the basics, let us get started! When you click Start Game, you will have a choice between 5 difficulties. If you are weak at any of the 4 operations, do the one you are best at. If you are very good at all the operations (Like I am!), then do random. In the game, there are 4 operations. + means addition, – means Subtraction, * means multiplication, and / means division. Get the problem wrong and you have to try it again, also wasting precious time!