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1. Stay close to the center, it will be easier to aim. Keep the mouse near the middle of the screen. The closer the mouse pointer is to the bottom the greater the angle When you move the mouse. And the further away the smaller the angle when you shoot.

2. The more you fall before you shoot, the greater the distance you can climb.

3. When bouncing off the 2 sides can not be avoided, shoot as you go up. You should be able to catch a ledge sometimes on the way up. It will help to either slow or stop the bouncing and stabilize you.

To beat this game, you must use your butt to hit the evil monkeys and snakes of of the trees. Do this by getting above them, on the same side of the same vine, and click and hold. You will slide down into the creature, and he will pop off. You can slide down may creatures at once, but if you stop and one of them hits you, you lose one life. For this reason, stay away from the bottom of the screen.

Here are all the enemies and items in the game:

Up Monkeys: they climb up and steal treasures from the tree. They are your main enemies. Very common. Defeat by sliding or invincibility – 2 points per monkey (Quite a lot if you slide down the vine)

1. When excavating a dig, you should start with a trowel and then move on to a:
A: Brush

2. The temple of Poseidon at Sounion overlooks what Greek city?
A: Athens

3. The existence of dragons is supported by the unlikely reality of the:
A: Duck-billed platypus

4. Enchanted flying objects are actually supported by:
A: Invisible faeries

5. Merlin says, “as I will…”:
A: So mote it be

6. Dragonology features the work of dragonologist:
A: Dr.Ernest Drake

7. How many years have passed since Merlin was imprisoned by the sorceress Vivienne?
A: 1,000

8. What bird was the favorite of Zeus?
A: Eagle

9. Who’s the lady of Heaven, according to the Farncombe Papyrus?
A: Isis

Here are some tips, you don’t have to use them but it makes the game A LOT easier.

1. Keep restarting until the orange bug appears hit it, and collect the power up, you can now shoot through two bugs!!!

2. Shoot all of the bugs in the far right column first. (See tip 3)

3. Stay in the right corner, because when the small blue bug appears, you can kill it for 100 points:)

4. Maximize the Swarm! Screen, so you don’t look in the background when you get distracted.

5. You can play music, but I hope you don’t mind “BOOM!” sounds.

6. If the bugs are going Super Fast, go a little bit out from the Pyramid Tower so you can shoot the bugs quick and then run and hide.

This game is fairly simple, and can earn you 3,000np daily! I honestly don’t see why you don’t see it suggested more often. There object of this game is to dodge the ice cream that fly towards you. Here are some tips before you start the game.

1. Clean your mouse.
2. Close messaging programs (they can get in the way and make you loose a life simply).
3. If your computer lags, turn off the music and sound on the game to reduce lag. This game is played on the server, and thus, even if you lag, the game wont!