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The clue is to first slow them down and then shoot them. My advice is to start in the corner where the enemies enter and build two towers (high on the normal level and medium high on the hard one), one tower with a sludge thrower and one tower with a sling shot or poison thrower depending on what you can afford.

After you’ve killed some enemies, build a tall tower a little further away so that the enemies walk straight at it.

Collect a few points and then build a poison-thrower closest to the biscuits. Kill some more and build a “slow-downer” there.

Faeries, the most beautiful things in all of Neopia. There are currently 6 known species of faerie in Neopia, and 7 unique faeries. Most of these faeries give out random quests to those who deserve one. Most quests come from the common faeries (air, dark, earth, fire, light and water) but if you are lucky, you might get a quest from the Faerie Queen or the Fountain Faerie.

Ok lets start by getting to know each faerie shall we?

Air Faeries: Masters of the air and clouds. These extremely beautiful sky dancers may seem ditzy but they are one of the most graceful types of faerie in Neopia. When you get an air faerie quest she usually asks you for a beauty item of some sort (blush, eyeshadow, varnish, etc.) I guess they need this stuff to stay beautiful. If you complete one of these quests the air faerie will make your neopets faster. This can really come in handy if your neopet tends to be slow in the battledome.

Ever looked at your shop stock and thought ‘Why am I selling worthless tack for a few measly neopoints?’. Yes? Then this is the guide for you! This guide will help you go from selling Palm Fans and Tiki Tack Keyrings for no profit to selling desirable and rare items – even items you just can’t buy on the Shop Wiz!

When looking for items to stock your shop with, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is this going to sell?
2. Can I sell this at a reasonable profit?
3. Is this the cheapest deal?

If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, stock up. If even one is a no, don’t bother – look elsewhere. As long as you follow that simple guideline, you’ll do pretty well.

Ok, so you’re wanting to hear a game guide about Meerca Chase I. And yes, you can still access it from other the game graveyard and get neopoints from it. First of all, if you are now just beginning, don’t jump ahead and say “Oh! Oh! I’m going to start on the hardest level because I’m soooo good at this game already!” This is what I’ll do to you. Point and laugh.

Getting to Know Your Inner Meerca

Ok, so you have a Meerca and you use the arrow keys to move the Meerca around. Avoid the red neggs of course. I actually think that your tail can hit a red negg and be ok, but that doesn’t really help a lot. Unless one appears right in the middle of your tail, but that rarely happens, sorry to say.

Wheel of Montony Guide

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Want to know what you’re really getting yourself into before spinning the Wheel of Monotony? Then take a look at the compilation of what you can win. Note that this list starts from the Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush panel on the wheel, which coincides with where the wheel begins spinning, and works its way clockwise.

Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush

Wheel of Monotony Avatar
Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush

Three Berries

Evil Blancmange
Honey Blossom
Raptraphant Leg

Burning Stick

Tyrannian Weaponry
Your neopet loses half their hit points. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.

Bag of Neopoints

5,000 neopoints
I Love Kacheekers T Shirt
Kacheekers Strategy Guide
Kacheekers Poster
Pterattack Poster
Sargug Plushie
Wheel of Monotony Mug
Wheel of Monotony Pen