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Skip a level

Type quaglor to skip a level. – knd1994123

Move through things without touching them

If you enter CTRL when you are moving, you can go thought some stuff without touching them. – natula09

Explode the gem

If you click on the gem on the top of her crown, a guy will appear with a torch and dynamite and will blow it up! – Guinealover3

Faeries of Neopia

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Fyora, the Faerie Queen

Ruler of all faeries in Neopia, the Faerie Queen resides in the fluffy and cute world of Faerieland. She is tasked to watch over all citizens of Neopia, and to do this, she commands complete devotion and the love and support of the Neopian world in her crusade against all that is dark and evil. In times of great need, this powerful faerie has been known to send various people powerful items to aid them in battle.

The Faerie Queen also sells powerful items enchanted with potent magic and enchantments to those who can find the secret Hidden Tower and to those who can afford the very expensive items.

Fyora Day 2010

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Clothing Items


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