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Level 1…

1. Don’t miss anything
2. every 10 shots cash in (bonus)
A. This should happen 2X in Level 1
3. When it says Approaching station Cash in every chance
A. Should happen 2-4X in level 1
4. You should have 110-115 VirtuCreds

Station 1 (500 M from Level 1)

1. Buy Gun Upgrade (- 35 virtucreds)
2. Buy Side Radar (- 20 Virtucreds)
3. Buy Repair Droid (- 50 Virtucreds)
4. Leftover = 5-10 virtucreds

Level 2…

1. Don’t miss anything
2. Every 10 shots cash in
A. should happen 3X
3. When it says Approachin Station Cash in every chance
A. Should happen 1-2X
5. Including station 1’s remainder you should have 137-142 Virtucreds

Station 2…

1. Buy gun upgrade (- 70 Virtucreds)

The Game: Use your mouse to ‘shoot’ those nasty evil Fuzzles by clicking on them. And blow up the mines before they blow you up!

The Points: You get 1 point for each Fuzzle Hit. And bonus points for hitting the gold bonus button that looks a little like this –> [1×2]

Hit 10 Fuzzles in a row, without missing, and you get a [10×3] bonus! That’s an extra 10 points which can really save your a** when it comes to buying upgrades!

The Upgrades:
(Cost in Credits)
Hull: 10
Shields: 10
Droid Repair: 25 [Increase by 25 every upgrade level]
Radar: 25
Mega Gun: 50 [Increase by 50 every upgrade level]

Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars. The second last newest game I suppose. I love this game. Not only is it fun, but it gets you a lot of NPS. I usually get around 700-800 NPS average every time I play. So here’s a little guide to help you.

As it says in speckleburst’s guide of Evil Fuzzles, go to the control panel, and set your mouse to fast. Then what you should do is try to make the game as SLOW as possible. Now you might think it’s a little wierd, but it works. When it’s slow, you have more time to locate the fuzzles and shoot them. It’ll help you get more points.


Ok, If you are not good at this game and think its hard to get a high score, then that will change by the end of this guide, that is, if you do everything exactly as I say.

Very Good Tips (do these or you will not do well)!!

– On each level, try to get at least a 20×3 bonus. On the first level though, it may only be possible to get an 18×3, but that’s all right. This is where pretty much all of your points will come from.
– For the first few levels, buy only guns, nothing else!
– When you get an option to buy a radar, BUY IT!

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars is one of the most entertaining, zooming, mouse-speed-action, game around! But most of all its fun! That is if you know how to play it correctly:

*KABOOM* *BANG* – Mutant Fuzzles are attacking the Virtupets Space Station!!! You play Zygorax, a third class maintenance worker responsible for waste disposal… but instead of neocola cans and juppie stalks, today you have to dispose of something far far scarier…

Hop inside your X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bot and patrol the outside of the space station, using your laser cannons to shoot the enemies. Earn points for each kill, and spend these at the end of each level to upgrade your walker. May the force be with you, always!