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Slowing Down Your Computer to Achieve Higher Game Scores
Written by unitedt0yland

I recently bought a new, fast computer. It has 2 GB RAM, an AMD 4000 CPU, and a 7800GTX graphics card. I can now play any 3D game with the highest settings possible at a very fast speed. But I found when playing Neopets using my new computer, I could never get scores as high as I usually do. My scores dropped by at least fifty percent. I hadn’t stopped playing Neopets games for a while, so I hadn’t gotten worse due to lack of practice. It must have been my new computer that was making me worse. So I tried playing a Neopets game on my old, slow computer, my scores were back to normal. I soon realised that having a faster computer while playing Neopets games doesn’t speed up your frame rate in the game (the number of frames of animation per second rendered in the game window), but it increases the game speed instead. From this I concluded that people with slower computers have an unfair advantage while playing Neopets games, since the action in of the game progresses slower, so they have more time to react to certain things.

So you want to make quick neopoints? Like ultra quick neopoints? Enough to buy you a rare paintbrush within a short amount of time? Or perhaps you want to get all the pieces to the lab map? Well, how about learning from a scammer? Sure, that sounds good, but I think I shall give you a little warning first. Scamming can and will 99% of the time get your account frozen. I lost an account that had almost 10 million in it because of scamming. And I am in no way encouraging you to scam people, I am simply here to tell you the life of Neopets from a scammer’s point of view.