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My article’s intention is to help you, being a newbie or a veteran on Neopets help decide whether certain items are a want or a need. Whether YOU or your pet actually NEED the item to survive or just WANT the item because its popular or might make your pet look good is a different matter, but this may also vary depending on your financial status!

Lets take some NEEDS for example. You NEED food and medical supplies but you don’t actually have to buy these.

To obtain food free you can visit Tyrannia and take a piece of the omelette there. This will feed your pet’s up to 3 times and you can always if you have to buy omelette for 1 – 10 neopoints via the Shop Wizard. Obtaining health can be done by visiting Faerieland and visiting the water faerie.

Care and Feeding

Kym Huynh —  February 25, 2014 — 10 Comments

Like sunlight is to tree, food is necessary for neopets (unless you like to see your neopet described as ‘starving’ – bad!). Part of the duties you have as an owner, is to make sure your neopets are well fed and looked after. However, did you also know that certain neopets have certain special effects from eating various types of food? For instance, no matter how hungry your Kau may be, if it eats any milk related product, it will instantly fill itself full.

If not properly cared for and neglected, neopets can get sick, ranging from flu-like symptoms to more serious illnesses such as the neopox. Additionally, what you feed your neopet should be carefully monitored, as some neopets are allergic to certain types of foods.

Turdle Racing Cheats

Kym Huynh —  April 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

Feeding the Turdles for free

It’s real simple. All you do it put the item you plan to feed the Turdle with, in the trading post. After that go to the Turdle Racing page and choose the item you put in the trading post from the drop down menu. Then you place your bet and that’s it. Nothing to it. You increase the chances of your Turdle winning and you don’t lose a food item in the process. – Dusty Taylor