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One of the Easiest games on Neopets, it is fast, gives you lots of neopoints, and is fun! I am sorry to say that there are no cheats in this game, but I am tremendously happy to say that it doesn’t matter because you will always, and I mean always, get the same amount of neopoints.

Whenever I go onto Neopets the first game I play is Fashion Fever, its extremely easy as you don’t even have to do anything and it still gives you 300 neopoints for each score you send.

Follow this guide step by step and every day you will get a nice little bonus of 900 neopoints.

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Sometimes, you’re just on Neopets to collect your dailies and then hope something good happens to you. Well, if you’re in a bit of rush, then you can spare like 10 minutes or less getting a bit of extra neopoints that will really add up in your bank. Stick these few games into your daily routine, and you are good to go.

Fashion Fever

Probably the easiest 900 neopoints you could ever earn from a game. You don’t even need to dress up the neopet. Just start the game, end the game, and send score. You get 300 neopoints each time. Do it three times, and you’re golden.

I know this is like a lot of the other Neopets get rich quick guides out there but I am completely serious and this is very easy to do.

I have a couple of games that I play daily to get around 50,000 neopoints a day. Be warned, this takes hours to make (around 3 – 6-ish), so I suggest you take breaks in between, or go do something else in between hours.

If you were REALLY persistent, then you could probably make 100,000 neopoints in a day, plus with all the freebies.

Easy games to play that will make you around 20k in under an hour: