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Let us reflect upon faeries. I shall take an in-depth look at them, after all faeries tend to be highly looked upon in the Neopian world today, so I don’t think they’ll mind my staring. Simply put, faeries control the quests, special abilities, clouds and glens, heck, even their own land. And on top of this they also have their own scratch card, toys and dolls, and highest of all a paintbrush! But how much do we really know about these winged, well mostly winged, beings? Let us dive right in.

First lets reflect upon just how useful they are, starting with the quests. You go track down a faerie from some where on the far reaches of Neopian and they ask you to help them on a quest. So you say, Sure Ill do it! you rub youre hand gleefully together and think Hotdog Im gonna get a ton of np and some really cool items out of this! So you go trotting off to track down some dumb chocolate, if you’re lucky that’s all it’ll be, pay between 400-9000np for it and get all the way back to the faerie and give it to her. (Notice how theyre all hers? Whats wrong, cant there be male faeries? Its not sissified is it? Is there some un/written rule about it? Anyways moving on.) So you finally find your way back to this faerie who sent you on this long quest in the first place and she either thanks you or says what took you so long and you were only gone 5 minutes After all they do put you on such a short time limit. Lets just pretend its Taelia who sent you on this quest, so you go to get your reward after making sure you have all the expensive, yes expensive, I dont care if it was just 2000np for the chocolate, items with you and hit “I have your ingredients!”, (Ingredients? just what are they doing?). So she thanks you and gives you the reward. Wow!!! I so totally wanted a yellow snowball, (yellow? Yeah let me think on that one for a sec Um Better yet maybe I wont), somewhere around 60-1000np, anything above 500np and youre really lucky, and sometimes you even get an item like a piece of food or a toy, or something of that sort, (its been a while since Ive actually done a quest). And so you run down to the shop wizard and type in the item hoping just hoping its something incredible valuable, just to find out you could have bought it yourself for 25-500np from anybody on neopets. But you know what? Thats okay because now youre in good favor with the “O so Special Faeries above!” Who cares if you just blew thousands of np? You helped a faerie out!

Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. Please do not read this article (even though it is quite good).

Basic Steps
1.) Get a good rare item (neggs, faeries, p/bs, etc.)
2.) Get a lot of misc. items
3.) Price them fairly to the nearest hundred.
4.) Price the rare item(s) at 99999np (just incase someone does buy it.)
5.) Now, in your shop description tell the people something like, “1st place gets the rare item!!” or something. Make it fair by making it a drawing contest. (ex. 100np= 1 ticket.) If you want to, make a date as to when the contest ends. Don’t tell them that you are trying to obtain a certain item, as they will think it’s a scam. Also never make a contest that says something like, ” I will tell you a secret if…” and so on.

Other Faeries

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As well as the Uber Faerie’s there are some other special Faeries that you may see flitting through Neopia. The latest ones to be spotted include the negg faerie, the space faerie and the attractive but dangerous battle faerie.

Who knows how many faeries really do exist. All that we neopians know is that when the need arises, they will appear to save our world and save the needy. During this era, 6 dangers has threatened the existence of the planet neopia, and 6 new faeries have revealed themselves to guard this beautiful planet. These faeries, are the guardians of neopia.

The Negg Faerie


If you get a question on the game that isnt listed here, please neomail pets_from_pound60 with the question, the answer options, the answer you chose, and whether it was correct or not. Thank you to these people, who found the answers to two questions that I needed: lilythemonkey, siennacat13. Thanks!

Notable Neopets

Of which Neopian Species is the maitre d at kelp a member?
– Scorchio

What is the name of Iscas sister?
– Caylis

How many limbs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe Kings minion, have?
– Six

Which of these petpets is not featured in Extreme Herder
– Harris

Which of these Faeries is not featured in Faerie Cloud Racers?

Faeries of Neopia

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Fyora, the Faerie Queen

Ruler of all faeries in Neopia, the Faerie Queen resides in the fluffy and cute world of Faerieland. She is tasked to watch over all citizens of Neopia, and to do this, she commands complete devotion and the love and support of the Neopian world in her crusade against all that is dark and evil. In times of great need, this powerful faerie has been known to send various people powerful items to aid them in battle.

The Faerie Queen also sells powerful items enchanted with potent magic and enchantments to those who can find the secret Hidden Tower and to those who can afford the very expensive items.