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Bottled Faeries: An introduction

Every citizen of Neopia knows about the elusive Bottled Faeries and their opportunities. Bottled faeries can greatly benefit both your pets and your bank account, shopkeepers and tradesmen alike owe their entire fortune to these critters in a jar, but what do we really know about this industry?

This aspiring Neopian Times reporter dug deep to bring you the dirt, the terrifying secrets and scandals surrounding the lucrative business that is Faerie Poaching. After years of aggravating and often dangerous research, we now present you with the complete story behind one of Neopias darkest trades.

1) Coltzan’s Shrine in the Lost Desert

This handy little spot will never do something bad to your pet. You can drop by every twelve hours and try to get blessed with something. Sometimes nothing will happen, but it’s worth trying because according to Neopets, every day the Shrine will give one lucky Neopian 1 million neopoints.

Here is the general breakdown for times, since some times are better than others:

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance (hit points) : Every hour of the day
Level: Every two hours of the day
Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST

Hi, I’m Shadowsgirl345119, and I’m here to travel with you on a journey through Neopia. There are so many places to see and visit that it’s hard to decide where to go first. We could fly up into the clouds and chat with the faeries in Faerieland, or venture to Mystery Island and go on a Tiki Tour. Well, that’s enough gibbering for now. Let’s pack our bags and hit the road.

Lost Desert

First stop, Sakhmet, an interesting city in the heart of Lost Desert. Hungry? How about a sand banana? I know what you’re thinking, “Nasty, right?” Well, Neopians in this area find it to be quite scrumptious. Feeling lucky? Go to the Fruit Machine and you could win a few neopoints. Well, enough of that. Let’s have some fun, maybe a few rounds of Geos? Maybe we should go visit Coltzan’s Shrine; he might grant your pet an extra level boost. Oh no, the evil bugs are back! Let’s play Swarm, and they might just go away. Ooh, let’s go visit Qasala and see how they’re doing. Feel like reading a few scrolls? Check out the Words of Antiquity.

PPT Guide Editorialist

I once several months ago was a newbie and back then I had no help on how to budget and save and not waste my Neopoints. I had to learn the hard way on how to not waste my Neopoints and to save for better items so I have written a guide on how you can budget and become rich on Neopets and so you can buy those bigger better items!

Open a bank account: This is a must, to store all your spare cash that you earn through playing games and spinning the wheel of excitement. Placing your money in the bank will help it to gain interest and you wont be tempted to spend money on worthless items!

Altador Cup V Team Rosters

Gaby —  September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

16 teams make up this year’s Altador Cup competition including the above featured Team Moltara. Take a good long look folks because soon you will be choosing one team that you think best represents you and your interests.

Team Tyrannia

Team Shenkuu

Team Roo Island

Team Mystery Island

Team Moltara

Team Meridell

Team Maraqua

Team Lost Desert

Team Kreludor

Team Krawk Island

Team Kiko Lake

Team Haunted Woods

Team Faerieland

Team Darigan Citadel

Team Brightvale

Team Altador