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Go right 1, then go left, press “t” and go quickly down towards the key, then to the TNT and light that, and then you’ll be where this picture shows. The 4 diamonds with the balloon is a maze, many times I have pushed it wrongly. Get the 2 top ones, then the one directly above the balloon, go one up one right quickly, push the balloon left and now get all the diamonds in the bottom left corner (but not the chest).

You have two chests to choose from, the correct one is the one hiding the 4 diamonds, get that chest, clear all the diamonds then go to the top. Now go right through the crumble wall (look carefully at the picture) do not go up through the first column of crumble walls!

The key to Faerie Racers is strategy

Here are the 3 best winning combos.


At the start of the game (level1), go up and right, forcing your opponent to go down. A lot of the time, your opponent will go in a circle, trapping himself. If not, make sharp turns and go strait across the screen*. He will do more compex and space wasting patterns until he crashes into the wall/his own tail.

Repeat on all levels, but be aware that you don’t run into him at the beginning.



(level 1 only)
Go strait, then up, then left, and then down**.

Opponent will ALWAYS crash (if there’s no interference)! Make sure you don’t run into the wall/your tail.

I have lots of strategy when it comes to Faerie Cloud Racers to get the gold trophy. First off, let’s start with being patient, let the opponent come towards you. This is one of the key to coming up on top of this game. Then after first faerie, they start getting smarter, so don’t follow, make yourself the leader.

There’s lots of ways to be tricky which the computers will fall for 99.9% of the time. Act like you are going to crash into them but at the last second, go the other direction, but not too fast, this game was developed to be slow till Dark faerie, so if you press it too fast you will crash and lose.

Faerie Bubbles is a fairly easy given you have an okay sense of aim. The game is simple enough, you are in charge of a cannon full of various bubbles. Whatever bubble is first will be the one you aim at bubbles of the same color. If you get four or more, you form a combo. The level is over when all of the bubbles are gone. First thing’s first, you have to learn the color combos. While most are good, some of them are very bad. They are already listed on the main page of the game and on various Neo help sites but in case you don’t know (or are lazy :P), here they are.

Skip a level

Type quaglor to skip a level. – knd1994123

Move through things without touching them

If you enter CTRL when you are moving, you can go thought some stuff without touching them. – natula09

Explode the gem

If you click on the gem on the top of her crown, a guy will appear with a torch and dynamite and will blow it up! – Guinealover3