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Episode 28 of The PPT Show focuses on pertinent issues such as the Snow Faerie quest and the cooking pot, Neopets 3D – a virtual world where you can walk around, Neopets merchandise and host opinion on neopoint ratios for games. Finally, the hosts talk about a brand new feature on Neopets; ratings which allow you to rate other people’s pets. Joining us today is Dave from Colorado, Siobhan from Canada, Jonny from Holland and Meepitman who says he’s from Mars.


It is quite annoying that you are not allowed to use the shop wizard when you are on a quest. You have to try your luck with the shop galleries to find the items you are looking for and if you are lucky you will find it, but at what price? Sometimes the items in the gallery are heavily over priced than the shop wizard. The trading post also requires luck. Some quests have to be completed within a short period of time like within 15 minutes or so.

Chances are that you will not get your item within the time limit from the trading post. There are several forums apparently where people help you out by searching the user names of people who have the item and give it to you but I have never bothered with doing that as it is too time consuming for me. I am sure you will agree with me that we all are here for an easy way out in what ever we do.

If a user does what she asks, the fountain faerie shall bless them with the ability to change into any color they want of their species! However, the fountain faerie quests are elusive, due to the fact that the fountain faerie rarely requires an item. If you are asked by her, I would advise against turning her down. The following is an example of what occurs during a fountain faerie quest.

Going to the faerie quests page.

After giving her the item.
At this point, I was able to change my active pet to the one I wanted to paint. I believe it needs to be done before going to the rainbow springs in Faerieland.

My experience as a Neopian has been great. I love to participate in as many things as I can, and that is partially why I’m broke.

I started an account a long time ago, and during that time, I earned enough money where I could have 50,000np in the bank and not ever have to take it out.

I had about three neopets, each having their own petpet. I even got one of my neopets from the adoption place. I love doing the faerie quests and getting random events. I also like to do all the missions from people like Edna the witch and the Brain Tree.

Episode 27 of The PPT Show brings together Evan, Kym, Dave, Siobhan, Jonny and new host Robin in an episode about the Neopian auctions, the concept of Neopets name stalking, how often name freeing occurs and why or why it happens. They also consider whether the Neoboards have gone too far and tips on how to make a successful Neopets guild. The show finishes with the hosts exploring the world of Neopia’s faerie quests so hold onto your horses and prepare to laugh out loud as the hosts lose the plot … officially!