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To get the Faerie Bubbles avatar you need to get over 2,000 points on Faerie Bubbles. With this guide, I hope to give you some tips on how exactly to achieve this score!

Getting Started

To start with, I will tell you some of the basic rules of the game that you will need to know and keep in mind while playing.

There are 20 levels of Faerie Bubbles, and you will want to get as many points as possible in each level and get as close to completing all 20 as you can!

Firstly, an important aspect of the game is the 4+ combos. Basically, combos of three make the bubbles break, and this is how you win. When you start making combos of four or more bubbles, things really start to get interesting! Some of the results are good and some are bad:

– Squee_Rox