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Hidden somewhere in the dark depths of Kreludor, there is a mysterious building owned and operated by Krelufun Industries, producing toys for neopets of all types to enjoy. Previously, they had operated in the shadows and Neopians were not aware of their existence; recently, with the unveiling of Kreludor, however, the Freaky Factory has been thrown open to the public. Indeed, many of us have ventured in to offer our talents to work within…

The executives behind this project, however, are a greedy lot and the factory has been overcome with demand for its products. In hopes of getting more profits out of their source of cheap labor, er, willing Neopians, they have asked me to share the knowledge I have recently acquired with all of you so that you may go out and be more successful in your own work in the Freak Factory.

NOTE: This strategy was written during the beta testing of Plushie Tycoon; the game has been altered since then and this strategy may not be entirely accurate.

First, rent your factory and warehouse. Then you should go buy 1 of every color cloth, 4 stuffings (NeoFoam or TreeFloss, your choice), 4 Shoyru accessories, and 4 cardboard boxes.

Before you start your jobs, hire 60 trainees and 2 managers. Start each job (you will have to upgrade your factory once), and here’s the important part: SIT BACK AND DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is essential that you not spend any more money until all 400 plushies are made and loaded.

An addictive and totally fun game to grace the Neopian world, Freaky Factory is an engrossing experience that leaves you wanting more. You play a factory worker employed by Krelufun Industries and it is your job to ensure the correct colored liquid Kreludite blobs fall into the correct colored vats to create the Neopet miniatures that are in high demand. It goes without saying that red blobs go in the red vats, yellow blobs go in the yellow vats and the blue blobs in the blue vats.

The vats are located at the bottom of the screen and the blobs travel horizontally across the screen held by ‘clothes lines’. There are two clotheslines, which determine which way blobs will travel. For example, the top clothesline has blobs travel from the left to the right of the screen and the bottom clothesline has the blobs travel from the right to the left of the screen.