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The basic idea behind this game is that Balthazar wants to eat all of the petpets in a field where you, a brave blue kacheek, are the shepherd. It’s your job to pick up the petpets one by one, dropping them into a pen in the center as you go. The first few levels are downright simple, and you should have no trouble passing them and getting your two bonuses, one for saving the petpet with a gold star on its back and the other for saving all of the petpets. Although you won’t need to use them extensively in these first levels, no doubt you’ve also noticed the yellow ball and the snowflake that bob around the level, and u probably know what they do if you’ve read the instructions. The only real tactic to use in the early levels is to get the snowflake anytime it’s near you and generally just be quick around the paddock while you still have 4 places where you can put the petpets into the central area.

Easy Neopoints by mans001

Kym Huynh —  February 4, 2018 — 1 Comment

Easy Games

Want to know some easy games to play? Well, I’ve got a whole list of games to play that earn neopoints in minutes! Scroll down to see some.

200m Peanut Dash

I find that in this game, if you want a good score you have to hit the bar at least in red. Once you have passed this, double-jump as many logs as you can. What I do is press the left and right keys early, and at the last second press up. The first log is usually around 50m.Score 800 points and you have 600np every time!

Strawberry Jelly for only 500np? I must buy it before someone else does!

Sound Familiar? Maybe not for strawberry jelly, which I thought was so good, but perhaps for another inexpensive Neopian item that, as a newbie, you paid too much for. When I first started playing Neopets I bought many foolish items from the top shops in Neopia for way more than they are worth. While Ive still kept a few of the things, like the ball of blue yarn (800np), Ive certainly learned my lesson as to how to make the most of the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and the Mystery Island Trading Post. Once I became familiar with Neopets I also discovered the greatness that is PPT. This website has taught me everything I know about Neopets and that is why I am now writing a guide for PPT and its other visitors about how to overcome the inexperienced newbie experience. So to all newbies:

–Master/Memorize the speed of your character, Samrin, and Balthazar. Samrin is naturally faster than the Lupe, and you can use this to your advantage. Sometimes you can even snatch up Petpets right when they’re in front of the big Lupe’s mouth.

–Don’t be afraid to walk next to Balthazar – what he really wants is those Petpets, and won’t even pay attention to you unless you touch him, or he accidentally swerves into you in pursuit of a Petpet.

–Only get snowflakes when they’re in your path – in other words, don’t go out of your way to grab them!

–The same goes for the orange speed orbs – only grab them if they’re nearby. The only problem I see with getting speed orbs is that sometimes you can accidentally overshoot what you’re trying to aim for, but if you practice, you’ll eventually have more control.

The point of the game is to get the little petpets into the barn before they get eaten by the big, bad werewolf.

Well, just a little tip, if there is a snowflake which freezes the werewolf, always take it. If the werewolf is going after a petpet and has it almost in his mouth freeze him and run through him (which you can only when he’s frozen though). Quickly put the petpet into the stall!

Also when there is an orange orb close to you get that. That make you go faster than the big mean wolf! It comes in handy when he’s going after a petpet that is only a foot from his mouth!