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With a golden Snowmuncher champion trophy and a high score of over 17,000 in Snowmuncher, I decided to make a proper game guide!

Principles to follow and hints to try:

1. Stay in the middle lane [this will allow you to cover as much ground as possible when getting gems and bottles. If you are close to the wall, you usually have only one way to escape!]

2. The bottles determine your path [you have to follow the bottles or you lose a life, you can not skip any of them usually. Also, usually you can not trade a bottle for a gem. You’ll get the gem and lose a life.]


Coffee (lots of it), unplug the phone and allow yourself a few hours to spend on this game.


This game is extremely annoying and can get very tedious at times, but it is very simple to play and as long as you have the patience (and time) you can easily earn yourself a shiny new trophy.

First off, prepare yourself to sit in front of your computer for about 3 hours (no that is not a typo, i did say 3 hours!) because this game is so easy and there is no “winning” involved the scores on the high-score table are ridiculously high.



An unsuspecting Neopian walks to their computer and sits down. They boot it up, and log on to the internet. The url is put in : The login button is pressed. They type in their user name and password, but it says : This password/username is invalid. Have you forgotten your password? Click here! “No!” They say. “This is my password! I was just here yesterday!”

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, listen up. You don’t have to sit around and wait for it to happen, or just give up if it already has. YOU can do something about it. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Building Your Walls – Usually, I try to start out by clicking very fast just to lay down bricks (rather sloppily, mind you!) and create a rough large circle around 1 or 2 snowmen, leaving maybe an inch between this wall’s outside edge and the outer edge of the screen, so as to leave enough room for odd larger shaped blocks later on in the game when I need to repair a hole and have no smaller blocks coming up as options. Then I quickly go back to fill any holes left in this rough wall, and try to make it relatively thick if I have time.

Common Scams by toranize

Kym Huynh —  October 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

Having been on Neopets for less than a month, I have seen all manner of shop-type scams. (Due to my style of fund-raising, I come across all sorts of scams in all types of shops.)

Login Page:

The first one has been covered quite a bit. You look in the shop wiz for an item and you find it for an unbelievably low price. You go to that shop and click on the item (thank goodness it’s still there!) and find yourself at the “Oops! You’re not logged in” page (The Aisha page). Check the address on the Aisha page, if it is not, don’t put in your name and password. You go back to the shop in question and report him (or her) if they haven’t already been frozen.