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I know that if you have never been scammed it seems impossible that it could happen to you, but it can. I was never very careful about keeping my password secret until my account was finally stolen. Even if it seem unlikely that you will be scammed I suggest that you follow these tips:

1) NEVER tell your password to anyone, even if they say they will give you items, np, etc. (I know everyone always says this but its really important)

2) If you suspect anyone of being a scammer report them immediately

3) Change your password often (at least once a month) and don’t make it something obvious like the month, your screen name, or your name. It is best to have a password that contains both letters and numbers.

Gain an extra life

Enter hungrymeowclops to get an extra life. Once per Game.

Scams by jman987654567890

Kym Huynh —  September 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

***In the world of Neopia, there are many bad Neopians. They use these specified scams to trick innocent users into nothing.***

Fake Login Pages/Shop Scam

These are probably the oldest scams in the book. Lets say you’re browsing a shop. You see a codeston/faerie/negg for a very cheap price. You click on it and are brought to the Neopets homepage. Actually, you’re not. Usually, when this happens its a fake login page. If the URL at the top doesnt start with, it’s fake. DON’T ENTER YOUR INFORMATION!!! It could be the end of your precious account!!! Just go back to the shop and report it. Badda-bing Badda-boom. All done.

Neopets is a virtual pet site, home to over 70 million users. When I first came to this site, I was one of the first users. When Bruce was a man, and a Gelert was called a Polypup. It was a site where you could have these creatures, that were beyond your imagination, play games, and just have fun. Neopets still is that site, bigger and better.

They now have 53 pets that you can adopt, and there are more to come. Some pets you cant even get, they are so rare, thats where the challenge is. You can even give your pet a pet called a petpet, there is even a petpetpet!

With a golden Snowmuncher champion trophy and a high score of over 17,000 in Snowmuncher, I decided to make a proper game guide!

Principles to follow and hints to try:

1. Stay in the middle lane [this will allow you to cover as much ground as possible when getting gems and bottles. If you are close to the wall, you usually have only one way to escape!]

2. The bottles determine your path [you have to follow the bottles or you lose a life, you can not skip any of them usually. Also, usually you can not trade a bottle for a gem. You’ll get the gem and lose a life.]