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Promotional Events

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Every one in a while, Neopets goes on a promotional quest and winds up in unknown places. Swamped by fans, they often please their fans with free items. Who knows, maybe one day there will be one near where you live. Provided below are reports from specially selected people who were able to attend those functions.

MyEPB Bookstore, Suntec City (Singapore)
Sogo Hong Kong August 2005
Neopets Mall Tour 2004
Neopets at Hamleys – 24th and 25th May 2003

Promotional Events

Getting On

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Neopets isn’t a complicated world. However, one of the biggest hurdles a player will have to overcome is the sheer amount of information they will have to process in order to adequately begin playing the game. The game concept may be simple enough, but the changes, which constantly occur, are anything but simple. Actually, it is darn right confusing. Therefore, reading this will sort you from the new players and give you that competitive edge, which will make your gaming experience so much more fun as you leave your friends and adversaries eating your dust in awe as you speed off into the horizon.

On the 24th and 25th of May 2003, Adam, Donna, a handful of Neopets artists and some of the Neopets crew made their way into London to a dinky little toy store called Hamleys for the promotional launch of the latest Neopets merchandise! Also there, fans were able to have images of Neopets drawn for them, each image unique, and signed by the artists themselves! Of course, no event is complete without its advertisements, so check it out.

From the general gist of things, the queue at Hamleys was enormous and waits for 3-4 hours at a time were not uncommon. However everyone reported back saying that Adam, Donna and the rest of the Neopets crew were really looking after them, listening to their suggestions, showering them with gifts and just having a good time! Below is the best report sent in and reported by Katy (tinysaiyan) about her day at the Neopets promotional launch and on the subsequent pages are another 5 reports from various other users! Most of them have images of the artist’s drawings and various other scans and they have also been included in this article. A big thank you to all who have contributed, especially Katy (tinysaiyan), Blobbi_kid, ab2002ab, Clotho, 21 and aardvark for making their way down to London and reporting back to PPT.

The Ice Caves – Its November 1, 2002, and I just lived one of the best Halloweens ever. Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to, where we can travel to the Mystery Island and share a Grakle-Stuffed Turkey with all of our Neofriends. But others are looking forward to an even further holiday, one where we share gifts to all our friends, and anticipating gifts in return. This time of the season is when the prices of items will be around its peak. Here are some tips to save you some Neopoints and not get overpriced for underused items.

1) Buy now. Dont wait until December 24 to buy all of your Christmas presents, because thats the EXACT day when all the prices will be at their peak. Buy in advance. If you can (too late now), you could buy items in March/April, where prices are not that high because there are no good holidays there. But, since its already November, you should buy now.

Random Events Listing

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A big thanks to hangman and waking_reality for her huge contribution to this list! Note that these random events are all alphabetically sorted.

_____ says ‘Fancy spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity?’

A dragon flies past overhead, he is headed to the Mystery Island.

A ghost comes out of the ground and stares evilly at you…

A ghost grins evilly and steals 80 Neopoints form you…

A Ghostkerchief says ‘BOO

A green Scorchio flies past and says ‘Hope you are having fun!

A huge spider crawls all over the page…

A passing Chia hands you a Poogle Cracker and says ‘Happy Christmas’!!!

A Scorchio in a pointy, purple hat hands you a Trading Card and says, “This will be a nice addition to your album!”