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Pterattack 2 Guide by Alex

Kym Huynh —  April 23, 2018 — 1 Comment

You go around shooting enemies. That’s basically it. You have weapons and upgrades that go up to level 4 starting with a weak blue laser beamy thing called ptershot. It’s rapid fire but it isn’t spread. I don’t suggest getting this. It’s upgrade/weapon look is a blue circle with 3 lines that flash. It stays as the same shot.

Next, is pterboom. Shoots a boomerang out. It’s purple. it goes at an angle. At level 2 you shoot 2 boomerangs and at level 3 you shoot 2 boomerangs. At level 4 you shoot 2 GIANT boomerangs. This is my second most favorite weapon. Upgrade is a purple circle with a purple line spinning inside.

Edited by Kristi West

The clue is to first slow them down and then shoot them. My advice is to start in the corner where the enemies enter and build two towers (high on the normal level and medium high on the hard one), one tower with a sludge thrower and one tower with a sling shot or poison thrower depending on what you can afford.

After you’ve killed some enemies, build a tall tower a little further away so that the enemies walk straight at it.

Collect a few points and then build a poison-thrower closest to the biscuits. Kill some more and build a “slow-downer” there.


You were exploring the spooky forest one fatal night when you hear a voice chanting from the ground. Plucking up your courage you go of to explore. As you get nearer you get a weird feeling in your belly. You fall to the ground and hug your belly, as the feeling gets worse. Suddenly you change colour from a bright yellow to a sickly rotting green! “Bring me food or you will stay that way, For-ever!” A voice booms and echoes.

Would it not be easier to just nip down to your local tesco’s and maybe even get some great 2 for 1 deals? Nope this monster has a fancy only for disgusting food, the kind the food agencies try to ban! So you’re going into a huge graveyard with multiple sections, where every section is dominated with ghosts, walking tombstones and blinking giant octopus. In every section you will find food that even school would not serve you for Lunch, well, they do try.