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Prevent mistakes and speed up game play

To prevent mistakes and speed up game play when typing the scramble into an anagram solver, type it into your toolbar’s search engine (usually on the top right of your browser). You can then copy and paste it into an anagram solver opened in another tab. – by aikuhimeheathe


Have you noticed that Eliv Thade can be rearranged into Evil Death? – by xL00Hx

The strange non-moving square

If you click on the square you are standing on, you will have to answer an anagram with random letters. If you answer correctly though, nothing happens, you don’t get any score but if you get it wrong, you lose a life. – by rafern_hardon

When the words don’t work out in the anagram solver

Sometimes, the internet anagram service could not rearrange the word for you. If this ever happen, you can try deleting the letters ‘ing’, ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ed’ or ‘ied’ from the word. Don’t forget to add up the letters you’ve deleted when typing the answer. – nightshade_nova

Always play on hard

When playing The Castle of Eliv Thade, you should always choose the hard level for the simple reason that it pays more neopoints. Always move three spaces because the longer the anagram, the more neopoints. You’re probably thinking, “How am I supposed to solve all the hard ones?” Well before starting the game, open a new window and search for an anagram solver. When Thade gives you an anagram, you can solve it using this. Also if you type ‘rehaxtint’ while playing you get a free hint. – treacle1990

Dear friends at PPT,

My name is prettywomant3_99 and the other day I was on my other account playing Castle of Eliv for the first time and I was having a hard time with the game so I’ve discovered a way to make the game a lot easier.

I had tried the dictionary before on my own and it just wasn’t fast or easy enough to use with this game, so then I remembered seeing anagram search on a site a while ago. Since that was long ago and my computer had went through a bad hard drive lost and I didn’t remember the name of the site I search the dictionaries sites on yahoo and found the dictionary site who happen to have the link to the anagram search site.

The Castle of Eliv Thade is an easy game with help. An anagram solver will help you A LOT. I got 1k when I played my first game. Once, I did get an anagram that wasn’t in the anagram solver. If it isn’t in the anagram solver, you can use the letter hints. If you have used all your letter hints and you STILL don’t know what it is, you can look on Neopets. My word was a pretty easy word, even though I didn’t get it. It wasn’t a Neopets word, so don’t always assume it’s from Neopets. My word was Motts…like the applesauce. I don’t like applesauce and I didn’t think of Motts. Well, anyways, back to the game. Never go on the cracked spaces unless there is nowhere else to go. Some curious people will try to go on the cracked spaces to see if you really WILL fall through, and I’m one of them. Believe me, it definately means it when it says you will fall through 50% of the time. If you fall through you lose a life, so don’t try it. Make sure you spell the word right when you type it in. If you misspell it, you miss it and you lose a life.