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Do you want to get the Evil Eliv Thade avatar?

I’ll make it simple – do this (there are undoubtedly other ways, but this will work). It took me a few hours.

* Choose Hard
* Always move 3 spaces (choose 7 letter words) if possible (but you have to stop in each room)
* Don’t step on any cracked squares.
* When you finish with all the rooms – just hang out somewhere (I used bottom row) and go back and forth until your score is at least 850 before going to final room. If you get the 8 letter word right you will get 350 bonus to give you 1200.

The Haunted Woods is a perpetual Halloween-type forest. Here lies the Brain Tree, who demands knowledge of when people died. It’s completely random and can’t be unlocked if you just type in numbers. Instead, you have to go to the other boogie-man of the Haunted Woods, the Esophager.

He demands spooky food in exchange for answers. It used to be you could only get the foods from Edna’s quest (who asks for random items to complete her spells), but now there is a food store that sells them. Of course, the Brain Tree’s quests are rarely worth the price you’ll pay. Stuck in the middle of the Haunted Woods, there is the castle of Eliv Thade (an “anagram” for Evil Death), where you must unjumble letters to produce the word needed to move around his castle.