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Negg Effects

Kym Huynh —  May 4, 2018 — Leave a comment

With the influx of millions of new neggs into our fair Neopia, it is only right that a guide is set up for you guys to know what the effects of eating them are. Effects can range from good like the plaid negg which will raise a random level ability to bad effects such as the glamour negg which will decrease your pets intelligence just so it can make your pet more beautiful. Whatever you decide, choose wisely, if you want your pet to be a battler, sure, why not use them but it may be more useful if you sell them because you might make a bit of money.

Korbat Lab potions and their effects
Purple potion = Bigger paddle
Purple potion with white bottle = Smaller paddle
Yellow potion = Makes left key go right, and right key go left
Blue potion = Slows paddle down
Red potion = Unstoppable ball ~ breaks everything including obstacles (excludes Korbats and Spyders)
Black potion with green outline = Missiles ~ breaks blocks, but not obstacles
Skull = Automatic game over
Flashing green/aqua = Makes paddle go faster
Bright orange = Blows up a section of blocks, also triggers an instant game over skull to fall
Black potion with red outline = Restarts level, but allows you to keep all points made
Orange potion with red outline = Eliminates all Spyders and Korbats