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Hello Mr. (or Ms. or Mrs., whatever) “Looking-For-NP”. You’ve more-than-likely seen other guides that make you painfully get high scores in games, and make you sell items at incredible prices. They may say it takes a very short time to get 100,000 np, but it actually takes quite a while. This is guide is here to help you get a good amount of np (from 100,000 to 1,000,000) in about say, a month in a half (depending on how much time you spend on Neopets). Let’s Begin

Step One: The Games

Ok, first you must score 500 in Extreme Potato Counter… HA! Kidding. What you really need to do is play games that you’re good at, and try your best. I’m not forcing you to play games you’re not familiar with, or not good at. Take it easy, like the title of this guide says. You favorite game may end up being the featured game of the day, earning you double the NP from each play.

Some games are so fun that playing them is its own reward. Other games are just a way of getting neopoints. This guide is about the second kind. I assume that you want to find games that give you a lot of Neopoints with as little time and effort as possible.

Other guides have just given lists of games that give easy points. However, some of these games are removed by Neopets after a while because they are primarily advertisements for a limited time (e.g., while a movie is playing in theaters). To replace games that are removed, you will have to look through the lists of games, and it helps to know a couple of telltale signs of easy points.

Neggsweeper Tips

Kym Huynh —  June 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Open up a lot of areas

I have discovered that (at least so far with easy and medium) if you click, in the beginning, on a place that opens up a lot of area….look for all the corners where the #1 has only one possibility. Then click around that area where all the other #1’s touch the bomb square. It seems to have a nice ripple effect. I have found that I still have to “guess” once in each game, so luck still has to be on your side that one time. I used to use that strategy when playing minesweeper on my computer. – Denise Meyer

Snowmuncher Tips

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SnowWurms? No problems!

The SnowWurms begin to appear on Level 2. This is the best way to do it: Chew your way until you are three blocks below and one block next to a SnowWurm. Eat the snow cube three blocks under the SnowWurm, then quickly eat the next one that falls as soon as you can. If you’re fast enough, you will get the Purple Gem and make the SnowWurm disappear. If you’re not fast enough… grab the gem and run! – Hannah

The best way to get your daily 1,000 neopoints

Level 2 is the most profitable level. It’s easier than the higher levels and contains the purple gems that Level 1 doesn’t have. If you’re just playing to get your 1000 nps a play, or even if you’re going for a high score, play level 2 multiple times. Instead of going on to Level 3, let your time expire. Level 2 will restart so you can do it again, let your time expire, and repeat. This way, you can play Level 2 three times! When you’re on your last life, continue on to Level 3. By the end of my three goes at Level 2, I’ve earned my 5000 points, or close to it, that are needed to get all 1,000 neopoints from the game.

I am Rachel. aka rachelsyuker, or hooraybait5522, or o0rachelsyuker0o, or, well, you get the point. I have had over 20 accounts. I lost them all through some way or another, and none because they were frozen. I want to tell everyone how easy it is to just lose your account. It can happen in the wink of an eye, for many reasons or for no reason at all.

here are some obvious ways to lose your account that you can lookout for:


You click on a link in a shop, maybe a fake item or something. Suddenly, you see a neopets login page. You enter your neopets username and password, and get sent back to the site instantly. but in reality, you fell for a simple scam placed by a simple minded scammer.