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Here are some of the easiest ways to earn fast neopoints.

* Play the personality quizzes. Two of them are 300 pointers and the other two are 200 pointers. You do the math. That’s 3,000 neopoints if you send your score three times on each one. There are two in action and two in puzzle. To get the second one in action go to A Music Bistro. Then Aly and Aj personality quiz. If you do this and play a couple other games every day for a month you will get 100,000 neopoints if u do the math correctly.

* Play a lot of games your good at it really pays off if u get good points.

Easy Neopoints by mans001

Kym Huynh —  February 4, 2018 — 1 Comment

Easy Games

Want to know some easy games to play? Well, I’ve got a whole list of games to play that earn neopoints in minutes! Scroll down to see some.

200m Peanut Dash

I find that in this game, if you want a good score you have to hit the bar at least in red. Once you have passed this, double-jump as many logs as you can. What I do is press the left and right keys early, and at the last second press up. The first log is usually around 50m.Score 800 points and you have 600np every time!

If youre looking for a guide to tell you to do the freebies and play games, read one of the other neopoints guide on PPT, which ALL seem to be the same. Hope you like my guide, I tried to make it as different as possible from the other guides.

Easiest Way [I Know]

There are some items that can be used more than once such as omelettes. Some items are worth more after you use them once e.g. two dubloon coin costs about 3980 np to be precise, when you spend it on something worth one dubloon at the Golden Dubloon [a restaurant located in Krawk Island] you get one dubloon coin change, and a one dubloon coin is worth about 4500np [last time I checked], see where Im going with this? Another type of item similar to this are 1/3rds of pizzas, eat one piece and they usually end up selling for quite a bit more.

Okay, First of all I want to say that almost all the guides in this section involve games. Well, if you have a slow computer like some people, or are just not very good at games, here’s the guide for you.

(1) If you don’t have a shop MAKE ONE!! They help SO MUCH. I’ve gotten at LEAST 100,000 np over time selling little things that I don’t use in my shop.

(2) If you think about it… Why put something in your Safety Deposit Box? (Unless you’re waiting for a trade or something) All they’re going to do there is sit and rot. ROT ROT ROT!! I sold everything in my SDB and I got almost 50,000 np.

Strawberry Jelly for only 500np? I must buy it before someone else does!

Sound Familiar? Maybe not for strawberry jelly, which I thought was so good, but perhaps for another inexpensive Neopian item that, as a newbie, you paid too much for. When I first started playing Neopets I bought many foolish items from the top shops in Neopia for way more than they are worth. While Ive still kept a few of the things, like the ball of blue yarn (800np), Ive certainly learned my lesson as to how to make the most of the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and the Mystery Island Trading Post. Once I became familiar with Neopets I also discovered the greatness that is PPT. This website has taught me everything I know about Neopets and that is why I am now writing a guide for PPT and its other visitors about how to overcome the inexperienced newbie experience. So to all newbies: