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What are the faerie quests?
The Faeries of Neopia have decided to award the most adventurous and courageous pets with special gifts. If you think your pet is up to one of their challenges, then it may well be granted extra experience, strength, health, immense riches, or even a stash of rare items. All you need to do is complete their challenge. Each one requires a certain item which you must find and then return to them in order to complete your quest. On completion of your Quest, the Faerie will decide which of your pets is worthy of her reward.

Spell Faeries

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Faeries are tiny magical creatures that live in Neopia. Meeting one is said to be very lucky indeed, as they can bless your pets with all sorts of powers and abilities. A pet must be strong enough to control the faeries spells though, so if your pet is inexperienced then the faerie may just fly away. There are many different types of faeries with differing powers, abilities and temperaments. Faeries range from the elusive air faerie to the playful water faeries that inhibit the waters, lakes and streams of neopia.

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