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Dubloon Disaster Cheats

Kym Huynh —  November 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

Increase your chances of getting a 100 dubloon coin

Type “blackpawkeet” during game play, this increases your chance of getting a 100 dubloon coin in Dubloon Disaster. – knd1994123

Create a whirlpool

If you type scallywags in Dubloon Disaster, you can create a whirlpool but this can only be used once per game. – lijiansheng92

I am recommending going against the convention of taking out the mines in the game. In fact keep 9 mines in the map as often as you can. Destroying the mines is risky and time consuming. There is no guarantee the next time you pick up a dubloon another mine wont pop up right next to you. My strategy is this.

Keep the 9 mines in a centre mass. The assumption here is you should be quite a good player. Dive in between two mines and you would bring them closer. If there are 3 mines, stay in the centre and let them move towards you and then move away. This way you would have 3 mines quite close to each other.

Dubloon Disaster Tips

Kym Huynh —  August 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

Some general tips
When you play Dubloon Disaster, you can type scallywags to create a whirlpool and get rid off the nasty mines but the best way to do this without risking getting caught is:

1. When you start the game before you collect the first dubloon type in scallywag (no s ).
2. When you feel that you need some more space and the mines are to difficult to avoid just press s to complete the code. – tinkerbell

The enemy enemy concept
Every time there are 2 mines on the board, try to get them to blow each other up by running them into each other. Hope this helps a few people. – Galataiend

Here are some easy ways to get a good score on Dubloon Disaster!

1. Set a goal for yourself. Dont send in your score unless you get over your goal. My goal is 170 points, because above that and you get 1000nps.

2. After you get at least of the way to your goal, go to an area where there are no mines (the small black and red things) and type in SCALLYWAGS. It creates a whirlpool. If you move right after you create the whirlpool, it will close, so wait for a split second, then move. Be careful or you might get sucked into the whirl pool!

The newest game from Neopets, this game will be the ultimate test of your patience.

You control a little boat with a little blue Krawk in it, and steer it in a small waterspace in order to pick up dubloons that were lost when your ship sunk. Steering is like this: when you go straight forward, you go very fast, but come to a stop when changing direction. BE AWARE OF THIS!!!! But, of course, it’s not that simple–you have to avoid the oh-so-evil pirates’ homing mines.

Here’s the deal: every time you pick up a dubloon (different colors have different point values) a mine pops up in a random location. PAY ATTENTION when you pick up a dubloon as you have no idea where a mine will pop up–they could appear right in front of you, and BOOM, you’re dead.