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Loads of people say that to play Dubloon Disaster well, you need to keep the number of mines on the screen down to the smallest number possible.

I am here to tell you that you do not have to do this!!

I am an experienced player and getting rid of the mines is easy enough, but i also find that it is just as effective to keep all the mines. This is good for the new players.

To start with go about collecting the dubloons as normal. Then when mines start appearing, try to get them into a group. There is no need to get them to collide just make sure they are together. This way it is easy to avoid them. I have scored my best points by doing this.

I am recommending going against the convention of taking out the mines in the game. In fact keep 9 mines in the map as often as you can. Destroying the mines is risky and time consuming. There is no guarantee the next time you pick up a dubloon another mine wont pop up right next to you. My strategy is this.

Keep the 9 mines in a centre mass. The assumption here is you should be quite a good player. Dive in between two mines and you would bring them closer. If there are 3 mines, stay in the centre and let them move towards you and then move away. This way you would have 3 mines quite close to each other.

First off Im assuming you know the rules and are comfortable with the controls.

Take notice of how the mines act. Theyll follow you anywhere and move more quickly the closer they get to you. Also new ones appear in random places, which includes right on top of you (yeah, sucks…).

But there’s one simple trick that once perfected gets endless points! Yay.

Ok here we go. (There’s really not much to it but Ive got screen shots to make this look more like a real guide.)

Step 1: Open game.

Step 2: Snag two coins. A mine should appear for each. (Thats 2 mines now kids.)