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Here are some easy ways to get a good score on Dubloon Disaster!

1. Set a goal for yourself. Dont send in your score unless you get over your goal. My goal is 170 points, because above that and you get 1000nps.

2. After you get at least of the way to your goal, go to an area where there are no mines (the small black and red things) and type in SCALLYWAGS. It creates a whirlpool. If you move right after you create the whirlpool, it will close, so wait for a split second, then move. Be careful or you might get sucked into the whirl pool!

The scoring for dubloon disaster is as follows:

  • A brown dubloon: Two points
  • A silver dubloon with pirate head: Five points
  • A silver dubloon with crossbones: Ten points
  • A silver dubloon with crescent moon: Twenty points
  • A silver dubloon: Fifty points
  • A gold dubloon with crossbones: One-hundred points
  • A silver Dubloon with gold edging: Two-hundred points

You get 600 nps per 100 points scored in the game with a maximum of 1,000 nps per game and a maximum of 3,000 nps a day.

There are two major strategies that I use. If you like, you can:

1. Blow Them Up

This strategy uses the fact that if they run into each other they go kaboom. Every time you get 2 mines, get in-between them until their really close to each other and then run off so they run into each other. This strategy works well but if you don’t have the quickest reflexes then you can die. This is also a strategy in which if you want you can go and get a bunch of points and once there are too many mines, blow them up with scallywags* This way is a little more dangerous than the other way but it’s a lot easier to get the 170 points needed for a maximum of 1,000 nps.

Hey my name is lime_nile and I bet that you’ve probably heard the game called 10k a day. Well first off I’ll give you some awesome games to play that help me out A LOT!

Dubloon Disaster:

This game is REALLY good because firstly it gives you tons of neopoints when you send it. if you get 160 or more you automatically get 1000 neopoints. How I got my high score was by talking either to myself or on the telephone. I dodged the mites and I got an avantar from doing that! A cheat to use is scallywags, it automatically makes a whirlpool that sucks up the dynamite!

Welcome to Inuyasha’s Dubloon Disaster guide for you cheaters out there! Okay, when you play this game you have to realize that only one whirlpool may appear. Type in the cheat scallywags to get it out of the way.

The goal

Ok most of you know what to do right? Well for those who have never even tried the game all you have to do is collect as many dubloons as you can without being killed by the mines. Although getting the 1k from the game may be good, most of us Neopians set our eyes on that shiny avatar… right? Well that is what I am here for. Just read through this and you will have no problem reaching that 800 point mark 😉

EVERY GAME CAN GET YOU 150K A WEEK!! It just depends how good you are at the daily games you play. As you might know, the easiest way to make neopoints is to play games. Sure, it takes time to play them, but eventually, you will earn more neopoints because you get better at those games (or just look up cheats on Google :p). Here are the games I play daily to earn about 10,000 a day just in games!!!

This guide will show you how to get near 10,000 NPs (yes!) a DAY!! However, this will require some work.

Note: You may not get the full amount of NP on this guide. Some Neopians may be better at certain games than others! Sometimes it’ll take a couple of days until you get the hang of some of these games! Note: Where you see the “Earned” text… that is how much you may have earned after playing the game 3 (max) times. 🙂