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In Dubloon Disaster, you are a Krawk called Dorak who collects sunken treasure.


  1. Mines: The pointy black thing with red center. DO NOT TOUCH. To destroy them, lead them into a whirlpool but don’t get sucked in. You can also let them bash into each other and explode.
  2. Whirlpool: The swirly blue line result in a game over.


To summon a hidden secret type scallywags. Not that you might get sucked in so be careful. You should also note that you can only use this cheat once per game. It will only stay on the screen for a few seconds before disappearing.


Dorak! Use the directional keys to control Dorak.

The scoring for dubloon disaster is as follows:

  • A brown dubloon: Two points
  • A silver dubloon with pirate head: Five points
  • A silver dubloon with crossbones: Ten points
  • A silver dubloon with crescent moon: Twenty points
  • A silver dubloon: Fifty points
  • A gold dubloon with crossbones: One-hundred points
  • A silver Dubloon with gold edging: Two-hundred points

You get 600 nps per 100 points scored in the game with a maximum of 1,000 nps per game and a maximum of 3,000 nps a day.

There are two major strategies that I use. If you like, you can:

1. Blow Them Up

This strategy uses the fact that if they run into each other they go kaboom. Every time you get 2 mines, get in-between them until their really close to each other and then run off so they run into each other. This strategy works well but if you don’t have the quickest reflexes then you can die. This is also a strategy in which if you want you can go and get a bunch of points and once there are too many mines, blow them up with scallywags* This way is a little more dangerous than the other way but it’s a lot easier to get the 170 points needed for a maximum of 1,000 nps.