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Lesson 5: Drain Life

Drain Life is currently the most used and abused ability in the game. It would not surprise me if any moment now the Neostaff decided to make this a once per battle ability in the manner of Sink and Burrow. Drain Life essentially takes 11 percent of an opponent’s hit points and transfers them to the caster. It cannot be blocked. It cannot be stopped. Used on weak, it could be done 10 times before the caster ran out of energy. Against higher hit point opponents this can be devastating.

Consider a pet using Drain Life and an Everlasting Crystal Apple (an item that heals for 30 points and can be used round after round and won’t break) against a pet with 300 or so hit points. This means that for the first few rounds that pet is adding an average of 60 points to their health. Their opponent must not only inflict greater damage than that in order to have any impact, but if they fail to produce as much damage as the attacker is generating with their second weapon, they are being out damaged and they will lose. – Jadeasahi

Tips on How to Heal

Kym Huynh —  May 12, 2016 — 1 Comment

When you get beat in a battledome fight or something, you might want to fight again, but you won’t be able to because you neopet is healing SLOWLY. Here are some ways to heal faster;


#1: Healing Springs:
Go To The Healing Springs.

#2: Battle Yourself:
Battle Yourself (Use Bronze Dragon Stone Or Amulet Of Life Or The Ability Heal Or Bless etc.) or a friend and leave.

#3: Wheel of Excitement:
The Wheel Can Heal You Sometimes.

User the drain life ability

Submitted by sakhee
First of all, you will need the ability ‘Drain Life’ which can be gained by blessing your neopet with a ‘Dark Bottled Faerie’. Note that your neopet will have to be at least level 21 before it can gain the ability from the dark faerie. Once the ability is activated, enter a fight with Punchbag Bob and use the ability. You will heal 100 hit points! If you need more, just exit the fight and enter it again. Repeat!