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In life, there are three distinct classes in any given society. The upper class (The rich), the middle class, and the lower class (The poor). This is no different than Neopia, which also has three classes. The three classes are not removed from one another, rather, they live in a symbiosis which allows the others to continue functioning. In the case of Neopia, the classes revolve around one major thing- Faerie Quests. This is not to say there aren’t other factors involved, however, this is the major one of importance.

During a Faerie Quest, the typical ‘noob’, or player of the lower class, will run to a Neopian mall- and spend 2000 or more of their hard earned NeoPoints to purchase an item to fulfill their quest. The item they purchase is often worth less than 100 NP on the shop wizard, but unfortunately during a Quest they are unable to use that tool.

New players always seem to have one of two ambitions- the first, to get that elusive paintbrush, the one they keep on saving and saving for, but still dont have enough money. The other ambition is to get the entire lab map together, and gain access to the Secret Laboratory. Both of these options have good and bad points to them. If this is a question youve been yourself debating, then read on, dear friend.

The most common paintbrush new players seem to crave is the Baby Paintbrush. I have no idea why they want it so bad. I dont want one. But Ill tell you this- it costs about 600,000 NP. So you scrimp, and save, and play games for days, and weeks, and months until youve earned 600,000 NP. You proudly go to the Trading Post, and see someone selling that Paint Brush youve always wanted. You offer 600,000 NP, and a few hours later, the guy logs on, accepts your offer, and you have it! You rush to the rainbow pool, and paint your pet. Voila! Your pet looks different! Well. That was fun. But eventually you get bored of how your pet looks again. If only you hadnt blown all your money, because now you dont have enough to paint him again. Shucks.