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A lot of people think Maths Nightmare is very hard game – it is really easy as long as you have your trusty Neopets calculator with you. Fire up the Maths Nightmare screen and the calculator, and make sure that the two aren’t overlapping. Click on ‘Random Mode’ and quickly position your mouse over the ‘C’ or ‘CE’ button. As soon as the game loads, quickly press the right arrow key, and answer the sum. If it is too hard, or you can’t be bothered figuring it out, press and hold ALT and press TAB once. Quickly punch in the numbers needed for the sum, using the symbols around the keypad for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. + for Plus, – for Minus (or take away), * for Multiply and / for Divide. If you screw up, just click the left mouse button to start the sum over. Press the ENTER key once you have typed the sum and use the ALT+TAB method again to switch back to the game. Look at the calculator, and type in the answer. While this may seem complicated, it will really only take about 3 seconds. I have done it, so it is possible. Once you get the knack of it, you will have no trouble at all! It does take quiet a lot of patience though, because like Jelly Processing Plant it will take a while to get a high score. Sometimes you will come up with an impossible sum where the answer is 5 digits, such as 132*98=12936 because the answer box can only fit 4 digits. Just skip the sum and work on the next one. Good Luck!!! – Super_Sammy_Fluff

If you are bad at math’s and would like it if you never ever saw a math’s problem, this is where you hit the back button.

math’s nightmare is a fairly simple game, as long as your fairly good at math’s. It is best to play level 5 ’cause it gives the most amount of np which is what you want! but if you lack in say addition, but are fairly compatible with division multiplication and subtraction practice level 1 until you get to round 7, or until you think your good enough. This rule applies if you lack in subtraction multiplication and/or division.